Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Broken Friendship Letter 1

Dear Friend,

I've had the same best friend since preschool. We have never had a major fight or anything to break us apart. But now my friend has done something that I don't think I can forgive her for.

Christine (not her real name) gave my e-mail password to this group of girls at school that I call the "beautiful people". They are gorgeous and popular, but they are also pretty mean. They used my e-mail account to send disgusting messages, supposedly from me, to every boy In school.

Now I can't even walk down the hall without people laughing at me. What should I do?


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  1. Dear friend
    Tell an adult about it and report it to your school, The damage she had done is spread to wide for you to stop. Ignore the people laughing at you because they don't know how you feel and what you might do. Don't let people get to you, don't be friends with people that hurt you bad. Best friends don't do things that you don't like or approve of.

  2. Ignore those people but you cant really do any thing about the problem except move some where else and start a new life. You cant go to an adult, they might have a better answer to your problem.

  3. If I was you I would tell a trusted adult. Make sure you report those girls to your school. Ignore the people that do things to hurt you. Don't tell anyone your password next time. Chose your friends wisely and make smarter decision. Remember that you are beautiful in your own way.

  4. A real friend would have never betrayed you the way she did. what make the situation harder is because you been best friends since preschool but it doesn't matte how long you knew her. what she did was wrong and it clearly means she didn't put your friendship first.

    It wasn't her place to give out your e-mail password even if the group of girls are mean she could of done the right thing by telling you what happen and what they tryed to do and you and her could have went to an adult about the problem.

    She didn't think about your feelings or how it would affected you but I can't blame it all on her because you made a mistake by giving her your password. you should never give anyone even family your personal information because when you do this is what can happen. every body makes mistakes but I hope you have learned form this.

  5. Dear betrayed,

    I dearly hope that you are know feeling better after the things that have been done to you. However I advice you to tell a teacher or principle before this goes any farther. As far as your so called friend Katie goes you need to let her go, yes I know that you have known each other for a long time but friends should never betray each other no matter what.

    if your friend was afraid of them she should have told them the wrong password and, told an teacher or principle so that he or she could take matters of in the situation. Yes its hard to loose someone who you thought was your friend but, you have to be careful and cautious and, keep in mind who your real friends are who your associates are.

    Sometimes friends turn to associates and maybe sometimes strangers but what you really need to be careful about is who you tell personal information with. I believe that even a best friend in the world should not know that sort of information. It"s best to keep all of that to your self for safety reasons and so that this matter would not happen again.

    I hope you feel better and take precautions in the future

    Sincerely: A friend

  6. Dear Friend ,

    The first thing you should do is tell your parents so they are aware of he dangers your in and how you feel and maybe they can help you. People are going to talk about you until the day you die. So all you have to do is ignore what they say and keep living your life. Friends do not do things like that to each other. If she was really your friend she wouldn't even have to think about doing what she did because she know's the consequences. My advice to you is to be more careful of who you call your friend.

  7. Dear Betrayed,

    If I were in your position I would feel the same way that u are feeling first I would of to tell m parents about the situation an see how the best way we could resolve it as a family because you do need support through this horrible time right now.

    Then she an those girls should be position for what they did to you, you should me strong right now an hold the faith because you will get through this rough time try to talk as much as you can to counselor an your parents close family member etc wish you all the best through this time.

  8. Dear Michele, I'm sorry that your friend hurt you in that way. For my opinion you need to get back at her for what she did to you.I understand that you shouldn't do evil for evil but what she did was extreme.You need to find away to get back at her.You dont have to bully her just do something that you know will hurt her feeling. Since you been her friend since prek you know here weakness and what she id scared of and what piss her off. You that and get back at her .But also you kill someone with kindness. I know you feel like it the end of the world but all you need to do is keep your head up because even if you don't take my advice what comes around goes around.

  9. Dear Betrayed ,

    I Have to say this has to be the worst situation you can ever face in life . In my own opinion I think you should have a talk with Christine and maybe hear her side of the story and why she did it . You guys did basically grow up together . I think you should at least give her a chance and if she doesn't seem forgivable or even trustworthy tell her but let her know how hurt you were and still is because of what SHE did . And whatever choice you decide make sure its positively what you want. You CAN Do this

    - A Helping Hand (Mettra )
    PS : Be strong