Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rhian - Dear Samsung

Dear Samsung,
Your devices are the best. I have been using your products for years. Every cellphone I ever had has been Samsung. My television in my living room is Samsung. My tablet is Samsung. Even the monitor on my computer is Samsung. I buy Samsung products to satisfy my need for technology. Samsung you are the best.
My television in my living room offers the greatest TV watching experience ever. The clarity, colors, and saturation of colors are so rich. I've never seen another TV offer such stunning quality. The color reproduction is the best I've ever seen in a TV.
My Samsung galaxy tab is also very handy. Anything my computer can do my tablet can do. It has gotten to the point that I don't even use my computer as much. The tablet is very quick and offers a great video watching experience.
My Samsung galaxy vibrant is one of the best phones I've ever used. The processing speed is amazing. And the Super Amoled displays makes colors, contrast, and sharpness look very good. Its one of the best display technology to date. The camera also takes very sharp photos and the overall body of the phone is very good looking.


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