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Are You Part of Generation Plagiarism?

10/8 Are You Part of ‘Generation Plagiarism’? 

Read: Are You Part of ‘Generation Plagiarism’?  

Question of the Day: Universities are finding that plagiarism has become widespread and that many students seem not to believe that copying content without giving credit is a serious academic integrity violation. Do you think the digital age has caused confusion over acceptable practices, or is the notion of original authorship being redefined?

Tell us what you think about plagiarism. Do you ever “cut and paste without attribution”? Do you consider such copying to be plagiarism and a “serious misdeed,” or not? Are students today confused over, or redefining, the concepts of authorship, integrity and originality? How do you think instructors can and should address this issue?

Jean N'DriPlagiarism is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Some people don't even know what plagiarism is. Because they don't know what it is, they do not think that it is wrong to copy someone's work and not give them credits. I myself admit that I have plagiarized in the past. I did it because I didn't know what plagiarism was. Now that I know what plagiarism is, I am ashamed of what I did.
According to the article on plagiarism written by Dana Hinders on lovetoknow.com, plagiarism is the act of directly turning in work written by someone else, copying and pasting online sources for a research paper, and failing to properly cite the ideas or thoughts of others. She also stated the reasons why students plagiarize. First, they don't know what plagiarism is. Second, they don't care about the material. Third, they feel pressured to get good grades, regardless of how that happens. Fourth, they don't have time to correctly complete their assignments. Finally, The consequences of plagiarism aren't enough.
I have some ideas to combat plagiarism. I feel like the government should take action into this by funding awareness campaigns to inform students about plagiarism. We should also have laws that punish people that plagiarize strictly. For example, we should ban students from schools when they are caught plagiarizing. We should also make them pay a fee to the person from which they stole the work. By doing this, we will stop plagiarism and it won't be an issue anymore. I want to know what you guys think. Discuss with each other in the comment section. Thank you!

Hinders, Dana. `Plagiarism Statistics. ` Plagiarism Statistics. n.p., n.d. Web. 9 October 2015.


Amir Simpson
I think people are over doing this concept. Just because you copy a few sentences and forget to credit where they got if from doesn’t me to expel them. It isn't that serious anymore. They gave us technology to use it in school. In fact that’s just guarantied an "A".

Maybe if you teachers start teaching us how to paraphrase we wouldn't plagiarize. But they don't stress the situation enough in schools. And they want to act surprised when a student brings in a faulty paper. So don't blame the students, blame teachers.
Last the computers teacher don't teach you how to cite the website. So how do you expect us to do something we don't have a clue to do. They make sure to teach you how to copy and paste. So we are only doing what are taught to do.

Ojalvo, Holly. `Are You Part of 'Generation Plagiarism'?.` Are You Part of 'Generation Plagiarism'? - The New York Times. n.p., 3 August 2010. Web. 9 October 2015.


I would say yes because some times is easy to forget to credit the sources you get the information from but most of the times I do give credits but if I don't give credit once I would have to say yes. Plagiarism is stealing somebody else work without giving someone, credit I'm sure you wouldn't like if someone use your work as theirs without you getting the credit that you deserved. Like people from the article of plagiarism in "NY times" said our generation is living in a technology age where people just search on Google and copy and paste from another website and think their teachers are not going to find that they are copying and pasting.Plagiarism could put you in a lot of problem for examples; you could get kick out of high school, colleges, jobs, lawsuit, and many others things that you copy others work. You can find different students those  who plagiarism those who don't care,  and those who plagiarism without knowing accidentally
Most of the students who plagiarism are lazy enough to do their work because some of them say is too much work to be done. By putting others people work on your paper you are doing something wrong to yourself  because you don't get the chance to understand that topic that you could of learn. Plagiarism doesn't only happen in school, for example some artist have got in trouble for copying others music, movie and many others things that involve copying others work.

To conclude I will recommend you not to plagiarism because you could get in trouble and lost your job, loose the opportunity to be in school , or face a lawsuit. If you do your work without copying you will feel proud of the work because you work for it but when you copying and get a good grade you will not feel proud because you know you don't deserved. I also recommend you not to plagiarize when you are in colleges because you could loose the opportunity to study the career you want it. Remember to always give credit when you copy someone else work because is the right thing to do. By giving credit to someone else you avoid getting in trouble.

Sonjani Foyo

10/8 Are You Part of ‘Generation Plagiarism’?

I think plagiarism is bad, but I don't think it's serious, because everyone copies something from a book or the internet. Even the teachers copy class work and ideas from other teachers on the internet. 
I have copied and pasted some things, I try not to, but it's just easier that way (sadly). I believe we are confused, because no one tells us what to copy, and what not to copy, and we are expected to copy things from the internet or books for assignments. 
I do believe cutting and pasting without attribution is plagiarism, but I don't think it is a serious misdeed, because it is not treated as a serious problem. In this digital age we live in, many people are losing creativity, and individuality, so plagiarizing is easy for them to do and also in the music we listen to and in the media, it does not promote originality but imitation. 
 Instructors should continue to teach the students about plagiarism, continue to show examples of how it is done, show how to cite information and how to give credit where it's due, to ensure that we have a clear understanding. If plagiarism is found in any assignment the students should be told to redo the paper or get an automatic low grade. 

Kevin Vargas
Plagiarism is a very serious thing. It is illegal to copy someone else's work and pass it off as your own. If you copy and paste someone else's work on an assignment you can fail the assignment, get kicked out of school, or even get arrested. If you find your information online you need to list your sources that way you'll be giving the person you got your source from credit and it wont count as plagiarism.

Many people have been kicked out of school for plagiarism also they've been arrested. Plagiarism can get you some time in jail. One way you can prevent plagiarism is by coming up with your own ideas and your own topic. Then, you can do research on it then you can start writing but instead of writing it word for word use your own words. you could say the same thing there trying to say just put it in your own words.

These are the reasons why people shouldn't plagiarize. I'm not saying you shouldn't use other peoples work as a reference but when you start to do your own work don't copy your sources information. And if there is a sentence or two you might want to copy from your source use quotation marks and at the end put a bibliography to your sources credit. Every website where you find your information is important but what's more important is to restate what there saying in your own words.

Plagiarism is not a bad thing if you copy-link from the website work  plus someone work so head on they work and that person just take they work and give it to the teacher well that person will end up getting a big' F' on they paper.

Many people think of plagiarism as copying another's work or borrowing someone else's original ideas. Terms like copying and borrowing can disguise the seriousness of the offense. and steal peoples work and pass it off as they they own work and failing to use quotation marks giving incorrect information about the source of a changing words.

But copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not (see our section on "fair use" rules).

In my opinion plagiarism is not a bad thing. If you copy someone's work. That means its  plagiarism. Another reason if someone works so hard on their work and another person just takes their work and gives it to the teacher that person should get a bad grade or worse. 
Plagiarism is a law. In other words, the risks of plagiarism if you plagiarize another work, you risk your credibility as an author and you are also reputation for originality and honesty . Also, plagiarism is against the law and you are also risking control of your finances should a lawsuit result in judgement against you. Also risked is your freedom should you be convicted of the crime of plagiarism and sentenced to time in jail or prison.

Someone that is creative, open minded and hard working would feel defeated, i mean its their work. I strongly feel that everybody has they own way of thinking different, writing makes you, its a feeling only you know. Its something that you create . BE yourself, BE creative.

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Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

 9/28 Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

Read: Does Technology Make Us More Alone?
Does Technology Make Us More Alone? Audio

Question of the Day: Technology is supposed to make us more connected. We can stay in touch with our friends all the time on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and, of course, by texting. But are our smartphones actually getting in the way of real socializing? Could technology be making us more alone?

Kellie Friend

Technology wasn't always here, but it was created for people to keep us more connected. People say if this technology cuts us off from real people, is this true? Maybe it is you see people all the time in groups of friends, but you never see them talking they are always on their phones. Some people even text a person when they're in the same room as them.

A lot of people get so lost in the internet world that they make people in the real world feel alone, and unwanted. It seems like people don't realize that the more your on your phone or the internet the more you drive people away. So yea technology does make us more alone, if you just look at it the right way.

We could fix this if we put our heads into it, but some people see technology as a necessity. Phones and the internet are like an addiction, hard to stop when needed to. If people would give technology a break, and start socializing in the real world. We would be less addicted, and less lonely. So please think about how technology treats you. Are you more alone then you think?

Victor Sanchez
Some can say that Technology makes us more independent with the people around us. As technology continues to get more and more advanced, we continue to get more and more absorbed into the world of technology. As technology grows, it becomes a bigger part of our lives. Sometimes it can have a positive effect on ourselves, and other times it can have a negative effect on our lives. We continue to adapt more and more to the world of technology as it becomes a bigger part of this world. 

Now that technology is such a big part of the world, we continue to rely on it. Some people can access the internet through phones or computers, and they use the internet for everyday activities. It can be for either researching some information, listening to your favorite music, communicating with friends and family, or even just to kill some time. Nowadays, a lot of people rely on the internet to help their lives and to make it easier. Now that people are absorbed into their phones or computers, they tend to forget about the world around them.

I too am considered "alone" because of technology. Whenever i am out without my family, i am mostly seen on my phone. But I do have my reasons for why i am usually on my phone. The main reason would be where I live. Honestly, i don't trust a lot of people in the neighborhood that i live in, so whenever i am alone, i tend to get on my phone and talk to the friends I had before I moved here to New Jersey. My friends keep me company through the internet whenever i need them and we share the same interests and understand each other. We are a large bunch that met in our Hometown in New York, and most of us have moved to far places, whether it be somewhere close like in New Jersey, Or somewhere far like Texas, Florida, or even California.

I do miss the old times where we would hang out together, but technology has helped me keep in contact with them without having to feel alone. So in some ways, the internet can make us more alone, and it can also do the exact opposite.

Nayalyn Cox
 Yes, our smartphones are getting in the way of socializing. Nowadays people at important events and parties are usually on their phone making  snapchat & instagram videos.  Updating their twitter and facebook status. Taking selfies trying to capture every good moment instead of having one on one fun with friends or family . Most people don't even realize there way to into their phones  unless someone brings it to notice that its  bothering them.
Teenagers are really into their phones even in school . I will admit i sometimes get  distracted because of my phone when im in class i love texting and  listening to music but i manage to get back on track and do my work.

Yes it could make us feel more alone because  from a student perspective about not having a phone its fustrating. Nowadays Its like a trend every one have a phone , ipod ,ipad  any use of technology at reach only if they could afford it .

Shemar Schultz
Phone and Technology makes you feel alone. The reason for this is that every one has a phone so instead of paying attention to the world they pay attention to there phone. Personally i think this is bad in some ways and good in some other ways  like if they are people around you should put the phone down at least for ten minutes . The good thing is that phones help you pass time fast.

Bad part of having a phone is that once you have it you become addicted so you wont really be able to pay attention to anything else.

The good thing about having a phone is that you can keep connected to people who are not around or that you just cannot find time to see.

Aashyah Cambell
I do believe technology does make us more alone. From watching the video in class we noticed that as the girl was trying to get everyone's attention and everyone was focused on their phones. Technology as different activities on them like a mobile computer. People interact with social media, games and more. Technology allow people to accomplish a lot. Day by day people discover new things on there phone or any technology device they have.

The girl in the video we watched in class showed how people interacted with their phones more than any activity. From the time the girl woke up she didn't have a phone. She was spending time with her "boyfriend" but the whole entire time his attention was on his phone. When she went bowling instead of her friends joining her they were on their mobile device the entire time. The girl also attended at a birthday party and instead of everyone enjoying the party together they were all recording the party. This video is an example of how technology makes us more alone.

People believe that you wouldn't need a computer if you have a mobile device because it has almost everything that a computer has. Teens are the most active people using their phones with everything. A lot of people are on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, and more. All of those sites allow people to communicate with their associates, friends, and family. When your focused on your device everything is forgotten about and your focus on activities, school, or work are distracted by the phone.

I say yes because while your busy on your phone, people are asking questions from you. You isolate yourself from others because you spend so much on technology that you have friends and family they wanted to spend time with you but you still being on technology. I've been doing that my whole life and that's making hurt on the inside. Ever since I had technology people been avoiding me.

Many times I felt left out things like when my cousins Dante and Micai come over, I feel left because my sister Jordan always wanted them to play with her. It makes me feel like I'm just a shadow to them. Also when I'm at parties, I will always feel that way. I'm starting to lose it in my mind right now. I'm over it.

Then the same thing happened while I was in Rochester too. I feel left out with my family their and it still makes me feel like.

Technology is a good and a bad thing. the good thing about technology is that it makes life a lot more easier to live and do. The bad things is that we don't get time to social more face to face talk or do things the old fashion way.
My own view is that technology makes us more alone and suppresses us from living out our lives. Though I concede that technology brings us closer together and can keep people in touch, I still maintain that phones, in particular, cause people to be less aware of what is happening around them. People are not taking the time to actually watch what is going on and are being too unaware of what is going on around them.

Technology can take away face-to-face conversations and harm relationships.
This issue is important because technology has the potential to increase our productivity and bring great financial profit to our economy, but we should be careful of how we manage its power and the ways we develop and mold our relationships. 

Michael Nickens
Does technology makes us alone. Yes because the smartphones or any kind of technology gets people distracted to their friends. Also it is disrespectful due to the fact that nobody really cares about you just themselves and the gadget. Most of the time I don't see myself surrounded and I do see myself like that. Sometimes I feel guilty when i have my phone, but I didn't feel guilty when I didn't have a smartphone.

I always put the phone down when comes to being present in a room or having a conversation with someone. The rules is when I'm around my friends I use the smartphone same is for my family when were taking pictures or trying to figure something out on the phone. But when I am having a conversation with someone I usually don't use the phone because I say to myself it's rude and arrogant. What if someone would try to do that to me.

When the smartphones, it became a new social perspective to a new generation, and will become the new future for different topics of global issues. From sports, to music, to education , to computers and many more.

Sonjani Foyo
I think technology does make us more alone because when we are using our phones, computers, laptops etc. We tend to ignore the people around us and only focus on the screens. Sometimes I am guilty of using my phone too much and not paying attention to the people, even when they are talking. I end up having to ask them to repeat what they said.

I am always surrounded by people who are staring at their screens instead of having face-to-face conversations especially now that my phone is not working I'm starting to notice it a lot. I have a rule for myself to try not to have my phone out when we are having dinner. Also, to ask everyone about their day to show that I care and that I am interested in talking to them.
I do believe our obsession with documenting everything through photographs and videos are preventing us from living in the moment. It takes so long for everyone to get their phones out and sometimes the moment feels ruined, wasted and not special anymore. It makes the moment feel planned, like your doing it for an audience and to get views and likes on the internet. I think smartphones will continue to intrude more into our private and social spaces, but I also think we are working on pushing back.

Kenshisha Little
I think technology makes people alone for many reasons. you can be surrounded by all your friends and they having a conversation about something but you don't know what they talking bout because you was on your phone the whole time so now you have to ask what happen because you don't wanna miss out on what was said.

This happen to me a lot when everybody in the living room are have a conversation bout something. I would be on my phone zone out don't know what's going on in my surrounded and I have to ask this one question all the time what are you guys talking about and my mother have to say you wasn't listen this whole time.you feel ALONE when you the only person in the room that didn't hear the good news or bad news hey even when you didn't hear the conversation that was going on in the room.

 When I try to put my phone down to be more present it don't work out because I can see something on Facebook Instagram I like so I would just stay on my phone. I think its bad because a lot can be going on I wouldn't know about it because I'm on my phone. I remember one time my phone broke so I had to wait a month to get a new one i didn't like it but at the same time i realized that a lot happen in my house that I never know bout. i started cleaning my room more doing dishes cleaning the house.
So yea I think technology makes you alone because you just don't know what's going on in your home in school or just in the street's .

Makeba Merice

Living without technology would be boring . If I didn't had a phone I would've felt lonely and no one wouldn't pay me any attention. My mom ask me why I'm always on my phone, I say ' because you don't pay me any mind '.

Knowing you need to put down your phone and do homework but technology is life and we can't live without it . Little kids these days have cell phones and they don't concentrate on what they're
doing, sometimes you have to give it a break. You use it when you have homework or to chat with friends and family.

Yes, Technology make us feel alone because you can't socialize but no matter where I go I could still have my phone.

Tyquil Braxton

Yes, technology make us more alone because without technology for some reason we become less filled with life. I'm not surrounded much by people who stare at there screens instead of having face-to-face conversations because the people I know like to have conversations more than being in their phone screen majority of the time.no, I'm not guilty because I don't do it...unless the people that I'm with are.
I believe that our obsession is growing strong and are preventing us from living the moment when it comes technology cause now that we have phones we can review our moment with videos and photographs.

Of course because I have respect when it comes to having company around unless we need to use our phones or agreed to using them. I can put my phone down with no problem and be more present in the room. I rather enjoy talking than to be on my phone talking about nothing.

I don't really have any rules about usage of technology when i'm at home or with friends. I know smartphones will intrude more into private and social spaces.It doesn't matter because most of us know when and when not to use our phone during certain evens.

Monaya Shipman

Does technology makes us more alone ? No I don't think technology makes us more alone. I say this because if you think about it technology makes us closer because technology allows you to communicate ,Technology lets people communicate instantly no matter how far apart they are. No its not preventing us from living in the moment because we use that technology in a different way. 

I always will rather have a face to face conversation that to text people because it takes way less time and more real. I think I should not have rules with technology for my self during social situations because I know my limit to how much i will use my phone.
I think that us documenting parties or any events dosing stop us from living in the moment. I do believe the only thing that stops us from living in the moment is the people we probably don't like shows up or the party killer or event killer show up and mess your mood up or the party up. So in my opinion documenting any events don't messes up you from living in the moment it just helps you remember the moment later on in the future.

Sekou Touray
I don't think technology makes us alone I think technology make us more connected i think technology make us more distracted like if you driving and texting at the same time you could hit somebody or crash or hit something.

In some ways technology does make us alone cause if you on your phone you don't pay attention to your friend or when somebody talking to you like. 

For example if you on your phone and you crossing the street you not paying attention to what's going on. More and more people died from car accident cause they was busy on they phone or they where doing other thing. 

I always put the phone down when comes to being present in a room or having a conversation with someone. The rules is when I'm around my friends I use the smartphone same is for my family when were taking pictures or trying to figure something out on the phone. But when I am having a conversation with someone I usually don't use the phone because I say to myself it's rude and arrogant. What if someone would try to do that to me.


I disagree with the idea that technology make us more alone. In fact, technology allow us to connect with a lot of other people. After watching the video of today's question, I realized that the problem wasn't the phones that the people the were using, it was the people themselves. It was rude of them not care about their friend. the phones are just tools, we shouldn't blame them.

Technology has evolved in a short amount of time. It is so necessary now, we use it everywhere. Schools, hospitals etc... With the advancement of technology, we figured out countless ways to interact with people that are miles away from us. By doing so, we can be friends with a lot of people, share knowledge and thoughts, and also have fun. I am not saying that technology doesn't have some bad aspect but I believe that the good aspects of technology are more in numbers than the bad aspects.


My point is that we should blame the people that use the technology instead of the technology. The video that we watched today showed that the people preferred to ignore their friend to be on their phones, it was a choice. Technology doesn't make us more alone, au contraire, it allow us to be more social and have more friends. I seriously believe that we should reflect on our behaviors and make changes!

Kevin Vargas
Most people treat their phones as part of themselves.Some people don't like to use their phones in front of people because they feel like it's disrespectful but others just don't care. People treat technology like its the only thing in the world and they'll feel lost without it.But what they don't realize is that when there on their phones while someones talking to them and there not listening the other person feels neglected.I'm going to be talking about how people feel alone when someone else is on their phones.

While people are talking and all your worried about is your phone all that shows is a sign of disrespect.They start feeling sad because your making them feel like their unimportant and like you don't care about what they have to say.A phone isn't part of you there is no reason to be on a phone while your having a conversation with someone else.Also, when your on your phone a lot your isolating yourself from everyone.Isolating yourself from other people because you don't know how to put your phone down is going to leave you without any friends.

This iswhy technology me us alone.Technology is good but that's not all their is to life.When your having a conversation with somebody its better to put away the electronics and listen.Even if you only put it away for a couple minutes its not going to go anywhere.These are my reasons why technology makes us alone.

Carl Ellis
Sometime it does so we just zone other people out and have the day to us. And all my friends have face to face convocation with me all the time never always on the phone we play ball or be in the studio recording a cover to songs. We don’t choose our phone over our brotherhood love that we have for each other. 

We use technology instead writing on paper. We take pictures or record stuff to save.And can look back at memories on our phone that we can look back at it and laugh or cry about it.

I always put my phone down and present myself to have conversations with people  to get to know them better. Phones Are just a technology that we connect with other people. People should just put phones down for 2 months and have a face to face talk with their friends and family.

We barely be on our phones we just sit around laugh to talk bout other things that happening in our everyday life. We choose family over phone cause we really don’t know phones.
They will intrude more to people cause they trying make us buy more phones, tablets and laptops .people love phone that they cant let it go. its like they lost their love one that was close to you. It's just a phone.