Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Broken Friendship Letter 2

Dear Friend,

I need your advice. I have a great best friend who I've known forever. She's fun to hang out with and we always share everything. Now I have to make a choice. 

There is a group of really popular girls at school. They have promised to let me into their group, but on one condition. I have to give them Michele's(not her real name) e-mail password. 

I know Michele would be pretty upset if I did this, but I am desperate to be popular for once In my life. What could they do with her e-mail password anyhow? I'll Just tell Michele to change It after I give it to them anyway. 

Please help!

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  • You should be sympathetic to the writer's problem but you also need to make sure you give the advice that he or she needs.


  1. Why would you sacrifice your best friend for people you don't even know? If your that desperate to be popular then stand out on your own, don't rely on people of questionable loyalty to get what you want, and don't sell out your friend like that. If i was your "friend" and you were going to sell me out to a bunch of nobodies, i would question how true our "friendship" really was.

  2. My advice to you, is do not give her e-mail passwords to anybody. She has been your best friend longer than you have known the girls, she should mean more to you than being " popular" for once in your life.

    You can be popular in your own way. If she gives you her e-mail password that means she trust you with all of her personal information and hope you wouldn't do anything to ruin a great friendship between the both of you.

    They would do a lot with her e-mail password to ruin her and make her seem like a bad, disgusting person.

  3. I would not give them the password. That has been your best friend since you could remember, it would hurt her very badly to do that behind here back. if you want to be popular that bad just start your own crew.

  4. My advice to you is that it doesn't matter how bad you want to be down with somebody you always have to think about who was always there , who really matters , and who you can really trust . If you gave a group of people your bestfriends e-mail password and thought about telling her to change it afterwards you should've told her that way before anything happened . Everything could've been avoided but you probably weren't thinking about the consequences . Everybody makes mistakes and your bestfriend should know that you didn't mean that . But I think you know now not to make a mistake like that again . Just wait until its the right time to talk to your bestfriend .

  5. My advice to you is that it doesn't matter how bad you want to be cool or popular sacrificing a long friend ship shouldn't even cross your mind. If the idea that she would become upset popped in your head you should begin to second guess yourself & any further actions you may have. Furthermore if becoming cool/popular is that important to you i don't think the term "best friend" you be used between you two.

  6. "Michele" has been your bestfriend for a really long time, as the popular girls at school haven't. To me it's a pretty easy decision to make . . . don't give them her e-mail password.

    If Michele trusted you enough to give you her password that means that your friendship must be really strong and you shouldn't go against her trust just because you want to be "popular". Truth is, I'm not popular in school either but I would never change who I am for anyone.

    I'm proud of the way I am and you should feel that way too. Those popular girls aren't your friends because if they were your friends they would never ask you to go against another friend like that.