Friday, October 28, 2011

School Dress Code / Uniforms

Tell us how you feel about the school Dress Code. What is your opinion on School Uniforms? Why do you think it is necessary or unnecessary to wear school uniforms?  Do you think that students are reacting properly to mandatory school uniforms?  What do you think is the effect of mandatory school uniforms? What suggestions do you have to improve the Uniform/Dress Code at East Orange Campus High School?

Monday, October 10, 2011

What Is Your Personal Credo

Tell us what you think about Steve Jobs’s legacy and what your own guiding principles are. What are your core beliefs? What would you say is your personal credo? How does that credo guide you in life?

Keyonna - Personal Credo

The Credo that I live up to is "Never judge a book by its cover". This quote means that you should never think or determine a person because of their appearance. Just because one looks like they are mean, disrespectful, and ruthless it does not necessary means that they are. If somebody looks sweet and quiet it does not mean that they are going to be a push over. Many believe that if a person is black or dark skinned then they are automatically African or Haitian. Its all due to the thought of the first appearance of on shows and tells everything about them.

Once some one had told me that they thought that I would be mean or was just a quiet stuck up girl who didn't know anything. The reason that person assumed or thought that I was that way was because I was new in their class and I didn't want to introduce myself or work with any one at the time. She thought that because I had come from Rahway, New Jersey I looked as if I thought I was better than every body else. Until she came to know me she didn't not know that I was very kindhearted and was the complete opposite of what she was thinking. She never thought we would be friends but even til this day me and her are very good friends for seven years in counting without any delimas.

All in all even though most people learned that the first empression tells a lot and is the most important many jus go a long with how you look, sound, smell, and talk. For another reason why this is my credo is becaus rd. you can never know what's going on in some ones heart, mind, or brain. You don't know what's happening in somebody's background or life. People think oh, he/she is weak or is a push over. When really it is just a lot of pain, hurt, and anger built up inside of them. Just cause you are pushing them that extra mile it may cause them anxiety attacks, suicidal motions, or even insanity. So therefore, "Never judge a book by it's cover".


Daren - Personal Credo

The first thing I believe in is goals. I believe that if you are truly determined to reach a goal, you will reach it, but you may have to make sacrifices along the way. One of my many goals is to become Valedictorian of my class and to get the scholarship. Because this is my goal, I have to work really hard in school, and sometimes I don’t get any "me time" but I hope it’ll be worth it. But when you really want something you have to do whatever it takes to get it. Along with a goal you must have the will to do whatever it takes to reach it, but not to take the cheaters way out. Just because I want to get good grades, doesn’t mean I take the easiest classes there is to pass, I still challenge myself with all the classes I can take. And I think that I will feel much prouder when I make my goal, because I took the hard way, and not the easy way. 

Along with goals comes faith, faith in you and faith in God. You must have faith to get anywhere, you can’t become a professional athlete without having faith that you will get there someday. The same is applied to any goal, and it isn’t only hard work, but having faith in God to help you. There are many times I had a problem and God helped me through it, most of it was little things like studying harder for a test, or helping me sleep because I worry about everything, but bigger things can be helped too. You hear all the time about people who were chronically sick and prayed and believed they could get better, and eventually they did. You should listen to them and just believe. 

I also believe strongly in honesty, Honesty is the best policy. I almost always tell the truth, and when I don’t it eats at me, sometimes I think I have the worst conscience of anyone I know, even things I didn’t lie about, but didn’t tell the whole truth, that’s the same as lying. Perhaps because I tell the truth, I expect others to also, but that isn’t always the case. Wouldn’t the world be so much better if everyone told the truth? 

So even though I don’t know what I will be when I get out of school or where I will go in life, I have told you what I am doing to get where I want to be. I hope you will do the same and build your life from honesty, faith and goals. 


Lloyd 64 - Personal Credo

Steve Jobs was an innovative genius, it astonishes so many people (including me) what he was able to accomplish in his lifetime. He had an youthful mind with an old spirit which was very apparent when spoke. He inspired me to do as much as i can with the time that I have left on earth, I can tell for a fact that he will be missed.

My core beliefs are far from complex, nor should they be seen as complex or complicated, it is as simple as Honesty, Respect, and Honor. 
  1. Avoid being deceitful toward people of all kinds. 
  2. Show some sort of respect to all people, regardless of how rude they come off as. 
  3. Be honorable or show ethical integrity (which kind of ties into the first two guidelines).
But, in reality it all boils down to being kind and following moral behavior.
I always try my hardest to follow this credo, (although I do lose myself at times), and it makes me feel better about myself and others.