Monday, March 17, 2014

Technology Limericks

Question of the Day A limerick is a silly poem with five lines. 
They are often funny or nonsensical.  

How to write a limerick:
  • The first, second and fifth lines rhyme with each other and have the same number of syllables (typically 8 or 9). 
  • The third and fourth lines rhyme with each other and have the same number of syllables (typically 5 or 6).  
  • Limericks often start with the line "There once was a..." or "There was a..." Example of an 8,8,5,5,8 syllable limerick:
This is the Question of the Day,
Please Answer the Question this Way,
Use proper grammar and spelling,
On your blog without yelling,
This way you will receive the grade "A".
Mr. Viereck
Apple products are best, of course,
It can bring my life no remorse.
Easy to work with,
My feelings won’t shift.
Shall it break Ill have a big horse.

It was the greatest invention of it time.
When the wind blew it would chime.
But left a void when the wind stopped,
It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.
But when the wind blew again you would know the time.

Computer class is pretty fun,
Making sure my work is done.
Taking pictures on photo booth,
Hopefully there really cute.
I really really like this class a ton .

I have an Android Smart Phone,
Who cares about the callers unknown.
Gift from my birthday,
I have apps all day.
My phone I will never disown.

There once was a Samsung Galaxy S,
It sat there lonely on a desk,
It smelled like pine,
Till I dropped it in wine,
Now it looks kind of grotesque.
I'm always on my phone,
Even if I'm not alone.
I can't be without it not one day,
Without it I don't know what I could say.
My phone is a part of me just like my backbone.

My Laptop screen is bright,
Whose speed is faster than light.
I use it everyday,
In a creative way.
And its so cool i get frostbite.

There once lived a girl who was in love, 
With her iPod that was sent from above. 
It was a special device,
that was all so very nice.
It's so special to her like a dove.   

there once was a girl who like to text
she was always thinking who too text next
365 messages today
she was always feeling this way
that is why she like to text : )

There once was a guy named Bret,
Who went on the INTERNET.
And sent an e-mail,
to his beloved female.
Who never loved him, yet.

Dear voicemail, I love and adore you.
And I’m puzzled by those who deplore you.
Oh, the charm of your voices,
And all of those choices.
Wait, I’m lying  I really abhor you.
I have a Galaxy S phone,
Because of that people can't leave me alone,
This is something that really bothers me,
But my phone is something a lot of people don't see.
That's strange because my phone is well known.

There was a girl that loved to  text on her phone
she did this  because she was all alone.
trying not to pass her  limit,
the phone company would bill it.
scared that they wouldn't like her tone.

There once was a really cool iPad I wanted BEFORE,
I saw it at the apple STORE.
I really wanted it really BAD,
When I left without it I was really MAD.
And now I have The iPad I very much ADORE.

I sit here in front of an Apple
Laying on top of a table
There's no other brand of computer
Which is cuter
So go buy one sooner before your life crumble

Technology is everywhere,
But there are viruses, Beware!
It all looks nice,
But take my advice.
Or else fill your life with despair.

I love my brand new cell, it really is the best,
I overload on data just to put it to the test.
There's so many cute cases, i don't know which one to choose,
This is one cell phone i definitely won't lose.
By my side you will never rest.