Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shakira - Without Camera

I HATE my blackberry!
At first I loved it.
I got the Blackberry Torch when it first came out..
It was the best phone I've ever had.

Now I CAN'T WAIT to get rid of it ...
It freezes and everything.
Its just old now....

This stupid phone tricked me.
I went on Google, to figure out if my phone had a front camera..
They told me there was.
When I went on the App store, I couldn't find an app for it,
There should  be an app for a front camera!!!!!!
Turns out my phone doesn't have one.
That's the one thing I wanted the most on my phone.

This phone dies so fast , even when I'm hardly using it.
The iPhone is way better,
It has many things that other phones don't.
I honestly rather have any phone other than this one.

I want my iPhone :(


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