Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Christian - Poem About iPhone

Poem about iPhone

iphone,mini,whiteFired her up for her first spin ’round the block,
Waited and waited, oh wait, there’s the clock.
Plugged her in to my Mac, she started to sync,
What should I do now, I started to think.

Let’s start with Safari, they say it’s the best,
A mobile browser quite unlike the rest.
Zoomed in, zoomed out, pinched and slid,
This beats anything my old iPod did.

Next was Google Maps to take a look from space,
All of the things created by the human race.
Dropped a pin on my house, and the bars around town,
Couldn’t believe the detail of the places I found.


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  1. Really enjoyed reading it! Great personification! Great job!