Friday, January 27, 2012

Would You Trade Your Paper Books for Digital Versions?

Tell us your thoughts on the growing offerings in digital books and textbooks. Do you like the idea of having your books on a Phone, Tablet or other device? What might be the drawbacks? What percentage of textbooks do you think will be digital 10 years from now? Do you think you’d read more if you had access to e-books? How do you think e-books will change studying and learning?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yadilsa - Textbooks

"Digital books" what comes to mind when you hear that? What comes to my mind is difficultly getting my work done and annoying teachers expecting you to get everything done just because it is more convenient because you can access your books on the go. I don't like the idea of having books on my phone or other electronic devices because I'm sure my eyes are going to be hurting a lot. If they decide to not have books there will be an increased amount of people who will need glasses because screens strain your eyes a lot.

I think that about 75% of today's books will be digital because of it's great demand. Everyone nowadays wants things digital because of its convenience. Kids will be able to do homework on the bus and while they are waiting for things without having to bring their books. A lot of schools are into this now, even though I think that it's not very popular in students eyes teachers and parents love it.

I personally do think I will read more because even though it hurts my eyes I will be able to get more work done also it will be less expensive because if a lot of these books go digital then soon there will be places I can download these books for free which will save everyone tons of money on the long run.  I also think that if they made special glasses so that the computer screen wont hurt your eyes then digital books would be way more popular.

Crystal - Textbooks

I like the idea of having my books on a Phone, Tablet or other device because its less weight I have to carry and plus I use an electronic device everyday. By having books on an electronic device make the youth more eager and willing to learn. I feel that its way easier to have my books on my Phone, Tablet or other device because its something I carry everyday and it super light and portable. I think this idea should be turned into an actual reality.

But I feel that some drawbacks from this can be that the students can possibly loose focus easily.  It will easily distract them because they will maybe text, IM, etc or anything that will take them off track. What will happen if they leave their device at home or forgot to charge it and there are no books for them to use?  This is major drawback for students that do not have a device.

I think 100% of textbooks will be digital 10 years from now because everything is going digital anyway. So in 10 years maybe everything will digital but some will be more advanced.

Althea - Textbooks

The idea of having our books on a Phone, on a Tablet, or on other device is an excellent idea. In my opinion this will enhance the grades of children all across the world. There will no longer be a reason why students aren’t doing their homework, or were unable to obtain certain information for their homework. The fact that student won’t have an excuse for not doing homework; it will force them to actually do the homework. It is proven that when students begin to do their homework they being to learn a lot more in that specific class.
Although this is such an excellent idea there might be some drawback to having books on a Phones, Tablets, and other devices. The drawbacks are that when students are on these devices they will be tempted to do other things instead of their homework. Other things including: playing games, listening to music, or being on social networks. These factors can’t really be a distracting and take away the purpose of the books being on devices.
I don't believe that I would read more if my books were on devices. I may feel that I have all the time in the world to read the books when they are always with me. Then never get around to it and end up reading less with my books being on devices.  In conclusion books on a device can be both a positive and negative thing.

Karim - Textbooks

The Idea of having textbooks on my mobile device sounds cool. Devices would make it easier for students to carry around their books. Old textbooks were to heavy and you sometimes had to carry more than one so that made it extra heavy. But with E-books it’s all on a small portable device that is light and easy to carry. It's also more updated and can change the info on the E-book by just clicking update and all info would be up to date.
With old textbooks they get updated every couple of years which leave students out dated. The drawbacks might be if someone can't afford the device. Also if the device crashes or break you are out of luck. This all leads back to money because it the device break you have to pay to get it fix and you might not have the money right then and their. But if you don't get it fixed right away you will miss the lessons in class. I think At least 75% of textbooks will be digital in the future or maybe 90% because the idea is already spreading fast now.
I think I will read more because the way they got e-books set up its a visual learning experience which mean you would be more active at what you doing instead of just reading. The picture always get people to read more and they these pictures are set up they are also videos. I think e-books will change the way we learn from text book because of the updates is always recent and the picture and visual video learning.

Elijah - Textbooks

I really like the idea of having books on our Tabs or I pads. This would actually be better for everybody. That would mean no book bags really and no books because you really could do everything on the tabs or I pads. I was watching a video about the I pads and stuff and they got a app that lets the tab read it to you so that would be easier unless u feel like reading. To tell the truth I never really feel like reading because it actually makes me sleepy.

10 years from now I think that 100% of textbooks are going to be digital because of all the creations in the world. Soon humans won’t have to do anything by ourselves. Another reason why I like the idea of having books on our Tabs because growing up I had to carry heavy books everyday and that hurt my back. I had to get a new book bag every semester because the books would rip my bad straps or the bottom. This is not cool especially when walking home.
Honestly if I had the e book I doubt that I would ever have to read but if it came down to it I think I would have more fun reading. Now having fun reading really don't sound like fun but I really would make it work. So basically I like the whole idea of having the textbooks on the Tabs or I Pads.

Sonya - Textbooks

My thoughts on the growing offering in digital book and textbook are amazing. I think is a great idea having a book on your phone or electronic device because that gives a lot of student a better advantage. To not carry around large textbook that way you down, making your back hurts. Textbook will be out of style for as long technology in style. But I don't think I would use digital book I prefer the traditional ways. I can understand way better, plus my textbook can’t die or other stuff.

I think there might be few drawbacks on digital textbook. There will always be few people that always want to make something out of nothing. But my drawback will be, I don't think they should give little kids or elementary kids this objects other then high school student that are more mature. And can handle the responsibility that comes along with it. 100% of textbook will be digital by 10 year because technology is taking over this world little by little. Every day technology gets more advances. 10 years from now textbook we not be needed at all.

I do think there would be more reading if I had access to e-books. Because e-book like on the go anywhere you at you can read on e-book not have to carry book in your hand or lose the page you was on or losing the books. I already do a lot of reading online as while so e-book will come like nothing. E-book will change studying by we have a reliable service we can go full of book we can read on the go.

Shantavia - Textbooks

I love the idea of having books on our electronics. Everyone knows how heavy books are. Still teachers give students 5 or 6 books to take home. It’s absurd and should not be done. Thankfully books can now be on your electronics which can weigh less than a stack of cards.  It is lighter and more effective.

About 100% of the textbooks in 10 years will be digital. Technology is already rising it won't be a matter of time before technology or robots take over. Humans love to advance and don't like struggle. Anything to make our lives easier we accomplish. I don't think there can be any drawbacks.

I would never stop reading if I had an e- book. I love to read, but hate making long trips to the library so an e -book would be great for my schedule. I believe that learning and studying will increase. This is a generation of technology so bringing books into what kids love the most is brilliant.

Shayna - Textbooks

Having our books on our electronic device would be a good idea in my opinion. Students’ hate carrying there books back and forth to school and many students just leave the books in their lockers so they don't get their homework done. If our books were in our tabs or phones there would be no excuse for students to not do their homework.
The drawback would probably be that someone pulls there tab out to do work but end up getting side tracked and spend the rest of the night playing an intense game of angry birds. I would read more if I had access to e books because I really do enjoy reading but I just don’t have any access to books. If I had an e book I could read all the time.
In conclusion I feel like having our books on our electronic devices would be a good idea because it's just easier to access the textbooks and it seems more convenient for us. The only drawback I could think of is that students might get side tracked when they have to do what they have to do.

Saluhdin - Textbooks

I would not trade paper books for electronic books because there are many advantages of paper books. Paper books can be carried anywhere easily. It doesn’t need electricity. It doesn’t strain our eyes much. In case of e-books, children will be tempted to visit sites like Facebook, mail, games etc.  Children will not focus or concentrate in their studies. If there is no Internet connectivity e-books are of no use. So, using paper books is more convenient than using e-books.
Many things could go wrong with it. Like dead batteries, or something wrong inside of it. I think I will stick with my paper books. Like in a way I would like to use an Ipad, but I do not know how well that would end up. I like digital things, but I am not so sure for a book, I don’t know.
I don't think e-books would make me rad more because I feel as though I wouldn’t concentrate as much if I had a E-Book because even with the tablet that the school gave us I don't concentrate so just imagine where my attention is going to go when I have a E-Book.
I believe that the e-books will improve some of the student's studying and learning but for some students it would be just another distraction.

Tony - Textbooks

I like the idea of having my books on a phone, tablet or any gadget. It's seems way cooler. I would like it better than a textbooks. I am not fond of reading textbooks. They seem extremely long.
There are some drawbacks however.  Other things on the Internet, like social networks might be distracting. Trust me it happens. Some people really struggle with that. Along with distraction comes procrastination. That however is definitely a disadvantage.
I think e-books will enhance studying and learning. I think more students would be happier working with e-books than with textbooks. I know I would. A couple years from now technology will be more developed and e-books will probably become the new default textbooks. I wonder what will become of the actual textbooks.

Shahad - Textbooks

I believe we should move ahead into the future and throw away the old books. Kids are computer literate and work with electronics daily. Why should we be confined to flipping pages when we can flip pages on a device with the wave of a finger?  Why should we still fall asleep in class?  Reading out of the books is so boring, instead we can read and watch videos on almost any device.

I adore the idea of having the privilege/ opportunity of have a device for school. Its an even better experience when you can access everything you need for school on them. for example : books, notebooks, pencils/pens, all a thing from the past! We would have a way better school experience if we dropped those things, and took in the technology we own today as tools to brighten our future. Wouldn't you rather type a five page essay in two days or type it in about two hours? If we had the learning tools on our devices, school would be way better then it already is, and students would have to care book bags around all day like we've been doing for centuries.

The only drawbacks we would have from the use of this technology is the slight possibility of a device malfunctioning, in which case can be fixed. Or that something might happen were as a student may have lost or broken his device accidentally, in which case the device can be fixed and or replaced.

I believe all books will become digital in the near future. I would read more if all my books could be accessed on my device. Imagine reading a normal book, you have to fold pages to save the page, write in the book to save a note, or highlight certain parts of the book to be referred back to. Now imagine swiping a screen to turn a page, or tapping the screen to highlight/copy/paste a part in the book. What would you rather do? How's about if I said the devices are smaller and lighter in weight compared to a table covered in books.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nyeaijah - Textbooks

As a student who's currently using an electronic device as a textbook I think trading your paper book for an e-book is a very good trade. My reason for that is there's so many more advantages like not having to carry a heavy book bag, or even hands on reading and writing, not having to worry about writing for to long you can type down any notes into your device and etc. Also when you need help or more information on something your teacher or others don't understand you can easily use your device to find it out. Electronic devices as textbooks will keep children and any other learning class more into their work. It'll make them more eager to work and learn.

I'm 17 by the time I turn 27 the percentage of people using e-books or electronic devices as textbooks or even notepads will increase by tons. Once people understand the advantages of what it can do everybody will want to have one. More high schools and colleges will start to get them for students, maybe even elementary will probably get them. Textbooks are heavy, they take up a lot of space and etc. Most college student already replaced their paper books with laptops. Basically using electronic devices are much more easier.

I think with e-books students will read more. Reading from a textbook can sometimes be fun or exciting. Using a device can be better for the simple fact you have the power to look up and read on a certain subject. With a device you'll find out more information then a textbook will tell you. I think students will read and write more with a device. You can download books that you'll like to read, articles, and all other reading materials. Clearly saying electronic devices can better your learning experience. Hear it from me a high school senior using a Verizon Galaxy Tablet as a learning tool, they're GREAT!

Rijha - Textbooks

As a child I liked to read...but now I love it!!! Having my books and textbooks on my phone and tablet is mind bending. With the push of a button I can access my books from anywhere. I no longer have to purchase paperback books or worry about damaging the pages. Although having my books on my phone and tablets is a good thing, it does come with some drawbacks. As a techno/social media fiend, I know that I would be tempted to check messages and update my status as often as possible. The bright screen makes me lose focus from time to time. 

I think as more and more books and textbooks become available on our phones, tablets and other technological devices, the percentage of people switching over will increase. Carrying these books and textbooks puts a heavy burden on students. On the other hand carrying one tablet with hundreds of books saves trees and our strength. Ten years from now a very small percent of people will be using actual books or text books. 

Whether I have an e-book or a regular book I will read the same amount. Having an e-reader shouldn't be what causes you to read. It should be for the love of reading and to learn. Although we should do our best to learn whether we have an e-reader or not e-books will make studying and learning more fun. As technology advances each generation will find a new way of learning. Our method is e-books.

Aaliyah - Textbooks

When reading the article they have made some great points. Saying how some students may not be able to afford a computer. They are depending on school to provide one. Than there's students who can afford computers and they wouldn't have to wait. So I think introducing e-books for the students is a great offer. You will be taking a big risk on doing this but I think that this will be very good for everyone. Now for students who have their own devices like phones, computers this will be better for them because instead of waiting for everyone they can just get their work done on their own time or get it done early.

Now the drawbacks on this decision would be the time for everyone to grow up. You will have to take full responsibility on what you get. Meaning don't lose it, don't break it try to be very careful with what you have like its your everything. Some people may not be able to subdue this because some people may not be emotionally ready to take this responsibility.  I suggest they not even take this offer.

About 50% of the students would take this offer. Half would love e-books and the other half would rather use textbooks. Only because when using textbooks there might be something in there that the e-book wouldn't have. Just like for e-books there might be something in there textbooks wouldn't have. People are different some people wouldn't like technology for there education they would prefer old school using books and finding answers on there own instead of having a computer doing it for them.

Lanaya - Textbooks

To me the E-Textbook would be great I would definitely trade my textbook book in for and electronic one any day. I LOVE electronics & figuring things out would be extremely great for me. I wouldn't have to dread about the fact that I have homework in the dull boring textbooks. For example look at the seniors I KNOW FOR A FACT that they are happy with their tablets. They won't have to use their textbooks as much. They can play games listen to music. No I'm not saying they wont get distracted but it’s a better chance they would want to succeed.

Like I said in the beginning I would trade my textbooks for an electronic one any day. I also know if you ask someone any random person on the street they would agree with me 1000%. But there are drawbacks such as distraction & maybe health problems. Kids might be distracted with the Internet, Facebook, the games etc. Which might cause them to loose focus and get off track. I am the type of person to loose focus really quickly. That's why this might be a problem for me because many others and I get side tracked easily.

In the next 10 years I think 50%-60% of the textbooks will be electronics just for the simple fact that every school might want to try these things out, especially the more " higher class schools " such as private & independent schools. Of course this would want to make people read more. Me, I like to read so if I can just go the E-Textbook and look up a book I would want to read that would be AMAZING to me. I'll love it even more. I think more kids will earn better and study more because they would be so excited to use this. If I experience this it would be a beautiful experience by far.

Erica - Textbooks

Personally, I do not like the idea of having my books on a Phone, Tablet or Other device.  In the school that I am in now we have tablets.  I believe that although they may be efficient, they create distractions for students.  Many students instead of using the tablets for their intended purpose use them to do other things.  Which causes students to do worse in class.

Many kids may use the Phone, Tablets or other devices to surf the web instead of using them to do assignments.  Although there are blocks that can be put on these devices kids have found ways around the restrictions.  Instead of them doing their work in class many students will be on useless website like Facebook, wasting their valuable learning time.

If I had access to the e-books I doubt that I would read more.  Even though the e-books would be very convenient.  I would be to distracted by the functions of the e-book rather than doing my work.  I would rather have a regular book that I wouldn't have to protect and worry about all the time.  If I had the e-book I would think that someone would steal it or damage it. Therefore, I would not be interested in the book nor would I get more reading done.

Ebony - Textbooks

Apple has come up with the idea of making textbooks available on the iPad. I think the idea is brilliant. Students are more visual and auditory. With the textbooks on the iPad, students could see it as more interesting and they could actually have the textbooks read to them.
I personally would trade my paper books for digital versions any day. I don't like carrying the heavy paper books; the digital versions on the iPad would be very convenient. Digital versions of textbooks would be easier for everyone, not only students, but also teachers.
Though most people believe that digital versions of textbooks will ruin the tradition of paper textbooks, I believe it will open a new path to students of the future. We always knew things would change in the future, so we should start with switching from paper textbooks to digital textbooks. Changing from paper textbooks to digital textbooks will be a lot easier for everyone.