Friday, April 13, 2012

4/13 ‘Stupid Games’

Do You Spend Too Much Time on Smart Phones Playing ‘Stupid Games’?  OR Do You Spend Too Much Time on School Computers Playing ‘Stupid Games’ instead of doing your work?
Tell us about the games that have taken up your time. Have they ever had a “scary power” over you? When do you tend to play them most? What do they do for you? To what extent do you agree with Jane McGonigal, who argues games aren’t an escape from reality but an optimal form of engaging it? What do you think of what Mark Pincus, founder and chief executive of Zynga, said recently about how game mechanics “will be the most valuable skill in the new economy”? Do you ever want to stop playing? What do you think you might do with the time instead?

I play stupid games all the time; it is normal for my average day. I would not consider games stupid because people took the time to make them. If you call games stupid, you’re like calling the designers of the games stupid for even making it. Games on smart phones are often well made and usually get a lot of hits if it is good. The designers of he game know a way to get people to play them with graphics, game play, and sometimes story.

Games on smart phone keeps you busy from what is gong on. It is good or bad depending on the situation your in. Often it helps you avoid dangerous situations by getting you mind off of it. It engages you to only focus on it.

I will never stop playing games because I get most of my words and knowledge from it. It’s not a waste of time if you get some skills in real life just off of a game. Games are meant to inform you while having fun about some things about life.


I play a lot of games but not all the time. When I come home make sure there is nothing to do around the house and I start playing. When I first touched a game I thought it was going to be a scary power but I did not let it take over me as much as I thought it would.  When I play games it helps the time go by faster and you can learn new thing about the game. I agree with Jane because when you are playing a game in your house you could be outside learning new things about the world.

Mark is correct. Almost everyone is playing games on their phones, iPads or something of that sort.  It’s only a matter of time before they take over the world if they have not done so already. People play games like they eat food, which is almost all the time. This is going to be a new skill in the new era; it will be something common and a trend. If you don't play games people might think you are crazy.

Sometimes I fill as though I want to stop but it’s like a hot streak. You’re in the zone and your doing good you just lose track of what you are supposed to be doing or going to do. But one thing that's true is if you are doing bad you will turn the game off know questions asked. If I did not play games I would work on my rapping skills and try to become a better rapper. I would also work on my basketball skills. There good already but there's no reason why they cant get better.


Line runner is a game that has taken up a lot of my time. I play the most when I'm at home and I have nothing else to do or when I'm supposed to be doing homework and I come across a really boring topic or just walking down the halls at school. This came is so much fun even though you don't really strive for anything besides getting a higher score then the last time you played or beating one of your friends high scores. Line runner is a game you especially play when your bored and you have nothing else to do.

I don't agree with what Jane McGonigal said about games being a different form of engaging reality. When I play line runner or any other game for that matter I do it to escape a boring reality not to further engage in it. I do believe that game mechanics will be important in the economy because no matter how far into recession we sink it doesn't matter because there will always be a teen or the parent of a teen going out to buy a video game.

Line runner does get boring to after a while and I do want to stop playing sometimes because it already has a set number of levels so at some point in time you'll have to repeat a level you've already done because there's nothing else to do. I would probably read a book or finish up my English report if I stopped playing line runner.


Some games that I think have taken up my time would be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Madden NFL 12, and NBA 2k12.  I know for sure that Modern Warfare has had a "scary power" over me, like when it first came out.  When the game first came out I waited 3 hours outside in the cold to buy it for the midnight release.  When I got it I played it for over 24 hours straight.  I tend to play these games the most during the weekends and at night. 

I can speak for me and for most people, sometimes when you play these games they allow you to escape from whatever problems you're currently having and they allow you to relieve some stress.  They can sometimes improve your reaction times, and your mental capability.  Other than that, they cam just be a good way to help sustain your sanity.  

I agree/disagree with Jane McGonial because games can be an escape from reality it just depends on the person.  I honestly don't believe I will never stop playing video games because it's been such a vital part of my life, it would be like getting rid of my dog.  I'm going to be 50 years old still playing video games. It keeps me sane. 

If I do in fact stop playing video games down the road, I would probably pick up a new hobby because that's all playing video games is a hobby, and whether it's knitting to collecting dolls everybody needs a hobby.


Technology has taken hold of society and its young people tremendously. From video games to social networking sites to simple cell phones. Also chat rooms, and messaging with people all over the world. Technology has defiantly found its place. Technology is everywhere and we all take advantage of it.

One main thing that has caught the attention of young people everywhere is the various computer games out there in cyber space. I do not play much computer games because video games in general are not an interest of mine.

Once in a while I may play solitaire and that is all. My peers try to persuade me to play certain games but I cannot seem to find anything appealing about them. Therefore I do not play computer games.

Technology is here to stay. We must learn to understand that fact as well as accept it. However we must also learn how to not depend on them as much as we do. With that philosophy we will control the technology and not let the technology control us.


I do not spend time on smart phones and or computers playing games instead of doing my work. I do not find games interesting especially when I'm in school. When you come to school, you come to learn. School is important to me so I wouldn't waste time playing games.

Playing games in class is pointless because you wont learn anything. In order to pass a class you must be paying attention. And if a particular game has your attention at the time, you will miss out on what is going on in your classroom. Therefore you will fail because you’re more interested in a game instead of learning. Learning is important because it helps us to keep in tune with trends and developments in our own field.

It provides stimulation and job satisfaction and also helps to keep us on our toes to make sure that we do not become blasé and thus more likely to make mistakes. Learning should therefore not be seen as an additional burden on top of what is already perhaps a heavy workload, but rather something to be welcomed as a means of dealing as effectively as possible with that heavy workload.

Learning is not just important to ensure that we keep up-to-date with developments in our particular field.

In my opinion learning is better than playing any games. Why? Because we learn new things everyday, things that actually help us later on in live. This is why I'd rather learn than spend my time on games when I am in school.


I tend to play the Sims games at home when I get in from school or all day on the weekend. I do agree that we tend to forget that games are not an escape from reality. This is because in the end life is not a game and we have to face reality in the end.

I do believe what Mark Pincus say about video games in the future. I believe so because games also help develop different types of skills.

I don't ever want to stop playing the Sims. This is because I love the game so much. In the future when the creators of Sims 3 make a Sims 4 I would be the first to get the game. If I weren’t playing the Sims I would probably be outside with my friends or staying home watching scary movies with my mom. 


I tend to play games the most when I see that they’re really good and fun or if people suggest them to me.  Another reason why I play them a lot is cause some games work on your reactions and your level of thinking to.  Plus some games actually do help in real life situations too.  Also the better the game mostly take away from their social life too.  Overall it can help you and it can be a terrible thing only if you let it be that. 

Video games help me relax and kick back sometimes it also influence me on some decisions I make too.  It also can be really distracting especially if it’s a game that I really want to play or haven't played in a long time.  It sometimes can make me get aggravated more too if I don't pass a certain level.  But it also taught me how to control my anger and make smart decisions.  Video games can be either good or bad or even both depending on how you handle it. 

I plan to stop playing certain games when I get a little older cause some stuff are just for kids.  Also it looks funny when you see an adult playing kids games unless you’re playing with your kids.  Anyways I think you lose a good amount of attention span playing video games too so as an adult I don't think you need that to happen to you.  And anyways it make you look like your still a kid too if you still play games grown or not.  I think you should stop playing video games after a certain age.


Yes people do spend too much time on computers and smart phones then they do they work. I say that because now a days the computers and smart phones have so many new technology things you can do that instead of being focus on your work and on school you choose too bee on Facebook and twitter and other websites. You are playing games.

Facebook & Twitter is a big distraction because it just causes drama and it makes you loose focus because you get so fed up that you just stop with whatever you do. For instance if you at home doing your work then you get a call that such and such is on Facebook are Twitter arguing you stop everything and go see that is how you spend to much time on smart phones.

Stupid Games are a big distraction because you will be so into the game that you would not do any work. Like if you have work due for school you will say you will do it and you never do. Then you will get too busy into the game that time will fly by and you will never get to you work. That is how you spend too much time on Stupid Games.


I spend too much time on my smart phone playing games. The games that take up my time is the "World's Hardest Game", "Draw Something", "Scramble with Friends" and "Fruit Ninja". The game that has the most "power" over me is " World's Hardest Game", its annoying when you bump into the little blue dots, then you have to start all over again but its also very addictive. That game is very frustrating you really have to have a lot of patience with that game.
I tend to play it most when I'm bored or either when I'm out with my parents and they are talking to an adult and I have no one to talk to. It helps me get over my boredom. I tend to differ games, and books are an escape from reality, for example the game Call of Duty, when you play it makes you feel like you are in the army. I think its true games are a huge moneymaker in the economy. Even when we are in a recession Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 came out many people bought it. They even pre-ordered it.
I believe that no matter how bad the economy may be, people will find the money to buy games. I really don’t like to stop playing my game, especially when my mom calls me to do something it sucks to press the pause button. I think I would read a lot like I used to I think social networking and media take away from what we had before it like books.


In my opinion, I am not addicted to those games. I do have most of them on a similar device but I'm not that much addicted to it than what other people are.  I will rather be more focused on my schoolwork and my after school work than on games.

Most of the times games can make you so obsessed that you will get so into it and will rather spend time in bed with them than doing something for your life. I think that the more games that come out the more kids will have to do with their phones ect.. and the less they will have to do with outdoor world.

I do think that these games are just a waste of time. Like I said before kids tend to spend more time playing with games on a computer or on a smart phone, tablet, or similar device that we don't know what is happening in the outdoor world.  We think that everything that happens have to do with our games, and we don't even pain any attention in class because we thinks its boring that is just a waste of time and that we rather be at home in bed playing around with our games.
I think it will be an incredible idea for us to go out at least two or more days without an electrical device so that you can see what are games and texting too much are doing to you.          

A game that has definitely taken up most of my time is a game called Temple Run. It is a game that just shows a man running. Eventually obstacles come in the way and you have to make him either jump over something or slide under something. You also have to turn to either the right or the left.

When I start that game, I never want to stop. It's crazy how addicted I get to it and so do my friends. I tend to play it most when I have a little bit of free time or if I'm just bored. They do not do that much for me, but I believe it does make my reflexes faster.

I do agree with Jane McGonigal about how when people play a video game very often and you see them sucked into it, it is because they want to be that person or do that action that the character in the game is doing. Since video games make so much money and catch the attention of so many people, that is what jobs will be available in the future.

Mark Pincus is correct. Anything can be a video game. Books, movies, shows, music, and just about anything can be turned into a video game. I could stop playing whenever, but if I have the chance to keep playing I will. If I wasn't playing Temple Run, I would probably be online or reading a good book.


 I still play the game today. Staying up late nights just to play that "last" match for the day. It's been a year, and four months since I've started to play. League of Legends is it's name, and there is no other game that has have that god fearing power to keep up this late. Every day for the past year I've played this game after school and then go to bed at 2 A.M. With this said, I sadly have to agree with Jane McGonigal on this case.

As devices get smaller, and more powerful. Games have become more appealing towards people. You get immersed in this world where you can be an Angry Birds (haha), or a champion for a war between two nations.  We would ignore what’s going on around us because we are so into our fake reality. A fire can go off right now and you may not even be aware of it. Hey, you could be peeking down at your phone to play your game while reading this right now.

As for the President of Zygna. I don't believe that these games mechanics can provide a skill set that will better the economy. Maybe I haven't played a game with such mechanics. Until I do, I have to disagree. But maybe one day the game industry (Mobile, PC, and Console) can better the world other than providing a fake reality for us.


I don't spend time playing on smart phones or on school computers "playing games". I believe that playing on those electronic devices isn’t good for the brain. If someone wants to get smarter playing games isn't the right choice. Some students are addicted to video games; for example they would come to school and play games a whole period everyday.

I really don't know what they get out of it but they feel as though it helps them out.
I remember when I used to be addicted to playing video games when I was in the 9th grade. I stopped myself because it's not worth me failing my classes.

That's what happens to everyone that is game addicts. They spend so much time playing games that they forgot that school even exist. Playing games doesn't do anything for anyone but mess you up on reality.

I'll get it if they play games when they are at home or play only a little but not everyday. I asked one of my friends why does he play games he told me that he plays it because they are fun. Yes, games are fun but they also aren't good for the mind. Games poison he mind and those who play games non-stop won't make it far.


I tend to play games on my computer or smart phone when I'm bored and need something to do. For example when I was at my best friends scrimmage it was so boring I felt playing a game called  " Temple run " would be more fun.

What I Might do with my time instead of playing games like " Robot Unicorn " I would think about going to the park and ball up, walk to my sisters house or go study.

Most of the time I wan to stop playing but I Don't because that would just result in boredom apparently because the only reason why I play games is to escape my apathy.
When I play games, what they usual do to me is make me laugh, get me excited, or make me upset.

Jane McGonigal who argued games aren’t an escape from reality but an optimal form of engaging it, I believe this statement can be proven true but from my perspective instead of playing games " All the time " people should do something more active or productive.


All these games kids have been playing recently such as, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Draw Something & Words With Friends are a waste of time. If kids were more focused on their school work instead of these useless games more kids would be passing their tests & classes. As opposed to worrying if they are going to graduate high school or not.  
I could never be addicted to such games they're a waste of time. With the time kids spend playing these games they could be doing something productive like studying or applying to colleges & thinking about their future.

If I were to ever play these types of games it certainly wouldn't be during school hours. I would probably play after school, before I got to sleep or when I just don't have anything to do. I would most likely play on the weekends or vacations, just whenever I don't have school. 


I believe I'm addicted to my smart phone. I play games like Draw Something and Temple Run anytime but mostly when I'm bored. Draw Something is a value, sometimes it teaches you new words and shows you what they are. I've learned new words basically everyday from playing Draw Something. Temle Run is just a fun game to play there isn’t really and value in it.

Games the Mostly tape up my time is " Draw Something”, " Temple Run " and " Doors ". Tempe run is the only that has a scary power over me. For example when I die or I am about to dry my heart drops. I tend to plays these games a lot but mostly when I'm bored or waiting for a text. Only the game "Draw Something" does something for me, it teaches me new words.

Games really aren't an escape for me; I really don't need a reason to escape. Games are just something that I'm interested it. I never want to stop playing games. But if they took games away I wouldn't really be mad. Games aren't really that serious to me. Instead of playing games I'll probably just listen to music all day. 


I don't spend too much time in school playing stupid games that are online I just go to school and start to learn. The reason why that I don't play any games online is because when you are playing them in class then that's just stupid for others who always want to do anything they want.

The second reason is that there are all other types of games that can be in other computers or in when they’re in stores for games.

The third reason is to have some kind of choice to either play the game that you've been playing all day and it's just not really good for people who play a lot. I’ve been through a lot times when I play many games that I wanted to play with friends when I come back from school.

When someone is being like a teenager or a little kid then that’s just being stupid like what other people would say when he or she have a see those who have no adult life.

To my conclusion of the reasons that playing games on the school computer is when someone is not having a good grade when their not being in their classes or even doing all the work that the teachers give them every time their in class.

These reasons can make people understand that they’re not kids or even teenagers. They need to grow up. They just want to have some fun with games. They can make them stupid and not have the good things that will make them into good people in the world they live in now.

I know that this will help them with everything that people will haft to do and to that it will bring good to the people who want to have the chance to be somebody in their life and into the future.


I don’t play games. I don’t have time for it. I mean don’t get me wrong, if I had a bf that was playing a game. I wouldn't mind playing the game with him.

I would play games if I were bored. But now I don’t have time. Games don’t do anything for me. I don’t understand why people get mad over games. Like when my little brother was playing the game, he lost. He started throwing everything. I was just rolling on the floor laughing. It was too funny. Why would you cry over a game -__-?

Games keep you occupied. But too much playing games isn’t good. In my opinion, I would start playing games, but I don’t have time now. All I do is work, school & take care of my little brother.


I waste my time playing "stupid games" on the computer. My favorite game to play is Bomb it 4 because it's really addicting and you really have to concentrate to win. I mostly play it when I have free time, like on the weekends, or after I do my homework. Bomb it 4 requires a lot of concentration and multitasking; so even though it's just a game it helps me learn important concentration skills.

I agree with what Mark Pincus, founder and chief executive of Zynga, said recently about how game mechanics “will be the most valuable skill in the new economy”, because my generation is into technology and games. So of course, we will need a lot of game mechanics to create new games for us to play.

I don't agree with Jane McGonigal, who argues games aren’t an escape from reality but an optimal form of engaging it. In my case, games and stories my friends make help me escape life and the drama in it.

I love playing Bomb it 4 however, I'm not addicted to it. I could always do something else with the free time I have like: read stories online, write my own story, or create my own website for my friends and me.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Playing ‘Stupid Games’

I agree with Jane McGonigal because at the end of the day you still have to face your problems in your life.   It's a part of life that's real that fake games can't solve.   You can play it but it's not going to do anything. Yes I wan to stop playing sometimes and what I would do with that time instead of playing games is go to sleep, watch TV, start acting silly, text. etc.

 I play games on my phone but not game systems unless I want to be a clown. But it don't take up to much of my time because I just can't sit there and play games all day long I get bored and tired of the game. I really don't like games that are just not my type of activity to do. I hate games I only play them to joke around with my cousins or whomever playing it at that moment causes they gone keep asking me till I get up and play with them.

 With that time instead of playing games I think I might be sleeping, texting, out the house, etc. I have other things to be doing besides playing the games all day long. I can go shopping, go out with my friends, do a little bit of my homework, or help other people around my house with things they might need help with. Or I can just do nothing at all and have free time to myself and relax in my room laying down and/or watching TV or listening to my music.


Yes, video games have had a scary power over me. If I see a game that seems interesting and I am in the middle of something important, such as homework, I'll tell myself just to try it just once then I'll get back to my homework. Sometimes even if the game is boring I'll be addicted to it and still try to attempt to beat the game. Next thing I know it’s passed a reasonable time, my phone battery is dead and my homework is still incomplete!

I usually play strategize games that help me think well. I believe they improve many skills I need such as reflex and fast thinking. Games usually helps me kill time especially when I'm bored and have extra time on my hands. Also when I try to keep my head off of certain things it helps. It seems as a relaxed sometimes, unless I'm loosing of course.

When I cant stop playing it never seems as a problem to me, it's just temporarily addictive to me. I do sometimes wish I can stop playing the games, but when I know that it is time to stop I have the ability to stop playing. Video games are not what certain people make it out to be if you have the strong mentality of when to play games and when its time to be serious.


I do not spend too much time playing those games. I will spend at least two hours a day playing the games on the smart phone or other portable device. Many people find video games addicted will not this guy.

On spare my time I like playing games.  I like playing games like angry birds, fruit ninja, draw something, and the most challenging one yet temple run. These games are interesting and keep me calm and help to focus on things.

Playing games like those are very hard to stop playing. Many people would keep playing until their smart phones need charging. With time that playing games I could probably be doing chores or studying.

Posted 1 week ago by Gerald

My phone, the computer, and games never had a scary power over me. I tend to play them the most when I'm bored and have nothing to do. They keep me entertained so I can have something to do during my spare time. Jane McGonigal has a point. Games aren't an escape from reality but an optimal form of engaging it. It doesn't distract us from our everyday activities; it just gives us something to do when there's nothing to do.

There is some truth to what Mark Pincus said about game mechanics. Games will be a new skill in the economy because they're played everyday for entertainment. I personally don't care for playing games all the time because I always have something to do so they don't really matter to me. Instead I just help my parents around the house, spend time with my sisters, and just keep myself occupied throughout the whole day.

Sports and other extra curricular keep us busy during the day. The electronics are just there after the working day is done. Just relaxing and enjoying the rest of your night. So therefore electronics are not taking up all of our time. Also, they are not an excuse to escape reality just to ignore everyone around you. Of coarse they're just here for entertainment, nothing more and nothing less.


A game has taken en up to much of my time temple run the game is very addicted.

Temple Run is an endless action video game. The game revolves around curious explorers attempting to steal an idol from a temple and being chased by demonic monkeys. Therefore the name of the game is called "Temple Run." The player controls the explorers and aim to run as far as possible without being eaten by the demonic monkeys, as the game is endless.

It is currently released for IOS systems, including the IPHONE and the IPD, and the ANDROID platform. Yes the game has had scary powers for example you have to run and get the coins and try not let the monkeys catch you its really scary. In the iTunes store, it has been in the top 50 most-downloaded apps in December 2011. Eventually became the number one free iOS app. It has also reached the position of the top grossing iOS app.

The game itself was formerly 99 cents. Now it relies on players purchasing in-game coins. While the game itself is free. Jane has a great point playing video games are a get away for youngsters. YOU NEVER WANT to stop playing its basically addicted making kids put everything to the side just to play a game.

Posted 1 week ago by Ajeeah

The Video Games I play usually keep me occupied for hours. Sometimes I can play video games from dusk till dawn. When I'm done playing Call of Duty for about 3 hours Ill pop in Batman: Arkham City and glide around Gothem or play Left 4 Dead for a good two hours killing zombies in the process.

Video Games like Modern Warfare 3, Madden 12, WWE 12, Left 4 Dead, Batman: Arkham City, are the games I like the most as of now. I tend to play these games on the daily. When I'm home I play video games the most. At school on the computer or on my phone is where the rest of the game time comes in.

Video Games take me out of reality and keep me from falling in a state of boredom. When I'm mad I play video games to calm me down and get me in a good mood. Also when I need to kill time I can just play a quick game of madden online to shorten the time.

I agree with everything Jane McGonigal said about video games. We can’t do it in the real world why not does it in a video game. If you don’t agree you need to buy a Xbox 360 right now and buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and tell me your not addicted the next day.

Mark Pincus, founder and chief executive of Zynga, said recently about how game mechanics “will be the most valuable skill in the new economy" I agree with him because as a game developer myself there are ways to program the finest things in life. The codes game developers use are advanced and should be used in other technology besides video games.

I never want to stop playing video games because games and music are my life and without them I would be lost.


  I personally do not spend my time playing "Stupid Games” on my smart phone the only thing really use it for is Twitter. Other than that I rarely text people and sometimes I use Google for things I want to know.

However, when I'm on my school device I use it for "Stupid Games" such as Temple Run and Fruit Ninja. The only time I really do school work is if I have to write it out or ill use my Tablet to type it. Games like "Temple Run" and "Fruit Ninja" gives you a drive to beat your friends or even a complete strangers score. Sometimes it does keep you playing for longer than you expected and you find yourself stopping only because your battery is now at 5% or less.

Overall, Yes I do spend too much time on these crazed games. Especially when I'm home alone bored and have nothing to do. If these games were not created I don’t what I'd spend my free time doing.


 I have to admit I do spend too much time on smart phones playing stupid games. Games like Angry Birds, Temple Run, and Fruit Ninja happen to be very addictive. Just the fact of you beating someone else score gives you that extra drive to keep playing.

They made games for android/smart phones so you can have something to do in your free time. In Temple Run, the objective is to run from crazed monkeys for as long as you can to collect coin and power-ups. In Fruit Ninja you have to slice the fruit with a samurai blade without hitting the shooting bombs popping up at the screen. Finally, Angry Birds is games where you have find hidden eggs and kill pigs in order to get points.

These games are very fun and addictive while playing on my free time. I'm glad people came up with the idea to create games because I don't know what my spare time would go.