Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Britnee - iPhone


It was Christmas Week, 
So I was on a wild seek. 
I just got my first pay check. 
What should I do now ? 
 went to the Sprint Store and almost had a cow. 

The iPhone 4s, 
No sell but it was still the best. 
I knew it was love at first sight, that was a fact. 
So I had to buy the biggest Otter Box so it wouldn't CRACK. 

Snapshot Feature, 
Flash as bright as day 
It was well worth the 300 dollar pay. 
Fast loading applications, 
Downloading everything feeding into my temptations. 

If I continue saying what I like this would be forever long 
Ask me your flaws? 
Ill say you can do no wrong. 
Except leave me, 
But that's why I have a warranty (: 


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