Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Justice - My TV

Back in my younger days, I loved watching TV.  Even now I still do.  After a hard day at school, I plop on my bed and drown in my TV.  When I got my first Big Screen TV two Christmases ago I nearly died. This is to my TV.

I've seen you around a lot. Staring at you from a far.  To shy to walk up to you. Didn't have what it took to take you home with me.  Many nights tossing and turning thinking about you and your beauty.  Wondering what I would do if I ever got you.

That Christmas, felt like a dream come true.  Seeing you in your box.  Couldn't wait to take it off of you and see that perfect screen.  Plug-in you in felt like I plugged in my heart for the first time.  We did so much together.  Laughing together at stupid sitcoms, kicking butt on PlayStation Network.  

I know I don't tell you this often, but I love you my Big Screen TV.              


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