Friday, November 4, 2011

Technology Love Letter


Try your hand at writing a similar “love letter” ("song" or "poem") to the piece of technology that means the most to you, whether it’s an iPod you own or a computer, television, camera, or cellphone you covet. Like David Pogue does, address the device directly and describe the details that make it “something special” to you. (You needn’t write about the tech specifics of the device unless you want to; instead, you might concentrate on how this device improves, or could improve, your life.)

Parich - Technology love Letter

Dear Android,

I'm so upset with you, you turned off when I was in a middle of a text, then you refused to turn back on. The evil deed that you did is unforgivable!  You are being very stubborn & won't turn back on.  But, I know phones like you.  I know exactly how to handle them.


The only way I won't do this is if you turn back on.  Stop trying to cause me trouble and messing with my social life.  Because of you, my friends are mad at me when I don't contact them.  I DON'T like you.


Your current owner -____-

Friday, October 28, 2011

School Dress Code / Uniforms

Tell us how you feel about the school Dress Code. What is your opinion on School Uniforms? Why do you think it is necessary or unnecessary to wear school uniforms?  Do you think that students are reacting properly to mandatory school uniforms?  What do you think is the effect of mandatory school uniforms? What suggestions do you have to improve the Uniform/Dress Code at East Orange Campus High School?

Monday, October 10, 2011

What Is Your Personal Credo

Tell us what you think about Steve Jobs’s legacy and what your own guiding principles are. What are your core beliefs? What would you say is your personal credo? How does that credo guide you in life?

Keyonna - Personal Credo

The Credo that I live up to is "Never judge a book by its cover". This quote means that you should never think or determine a person because of their appearance. Just because one looks like they are mean, disrespectful, and ruthless it does not necessary means that they are. If somebody looks sweet and quiet it does not mean that they are going to be a push over. Many believe that if a person is black or dark skinned then they are automatically African or Haitian. Its all due to the thought of the first appearance of on shows and tells everything about them.

Once some one had told me that they thought that I would be mean or was just a quiet stuck up girl who didn't know anything. The reason that person assumed or thought that I was that way was because I was new in their class and I didn't want to introduce myself or work with any one at the time. She thought that because I had come from Rahway, New Jersey I looked as if I thought I was better than every body else. Until she came to know me she didn't not know that I was very kindhearted and was the complete opposite of what she was thinking. She never thought we would be friends but even til this day me and her are very good friends for seven years in counting without any delimas.

All in all even though most people learned that the first empression tells a lot and is the most important many jus go a long with how you look, sound, smell, and talk. For another reason why this is my credo is becaus rd. you can never know what's going on in some ones heart, mind, or brain. You don't know what's happening in somebody's background or life. People think oh, he/she is weak or is a push over. When really it is just a lot of pain, hurt, and anger built up inside of them. Just cause you are pushing them that extra mile it may cause them anxiety attacks, suicidal motions, or even insanity. So therefore, "Never judge a book by it's cover".


Daren - Personal Credo

The first thing I believe in is goals. I believe that if you are truly determined to reach a goal, you will reach it, but you may have to make sacrifices along the way. One of my many goals is to become Valedictorian of my class and to get the scholarship. Because this is my goal, I have to work really hard in school, and sometimes I don’t get any "me time" but I hope it’ll be worth it. But when you really want something you have to do whatever it takes to get it. Along with a goal you must have the will to do whatever it takes to reach it, but not to take the cheaters way out. Just because I want to get good grades, doesn’t mean I take the easiest classes there is to pass, I still challenge myself with all the classes I can take. And I think that I will feel much prouder when I make my goal, because I took the hard way, and not the easy way. 

Along with goals comes faith, faith in you and faith in God. You must have faith to get anywhere, you can’t become a professional athlete without having faith that you will get there someday. The same is applied to any goal, and it isn’t only hard work, but having faith in God to help you. There are many times I had a problem and God helped me through it, most of it was little things like studying harder for a test, or helping me sleep because I worry about everything, but bigger things can be helped too. You hear all the time about people who were chronically sick and prayed and believed they could get better, and eventually they did. You should listen to them and just believe. 

I also believe strongly in honesty, Honesty is the best policy. I almost always tell the truth, and when I don’t it eats at me, sometimes I think I have the worst conscience of anyone I know, even things I didn’t lie about, but didn’t tell the whole truth, that’s the same as lying. Perhaps because I tell the truth, I expect others to also, but that isn’t always the case. Wouldn’t the world be so much better if everyone told the truth? 

So even though I don’t know what I will be when I get out of school or where I will go in life, I have told you what I am doing to get where I want to be. I hope you will do the same and build your life from honesty, faith and goals. 


Lloyd 64 - Personal Credo

Steve Jobs was an innovative genius, it astonishes so many people (including me) what he was able to accomplish in his lifetime. He had an youthful mind with an old spirit which was very apparent when spoke. He inspired me to do as much as i can with the time that I have left on earth, I can tell for a fact that he will be missed.

My core beliefs are far from complex, nor should they be seen as complex or complicated, it is as simple as Honesty, Respect, and Honor. 
  1. Avoid being deceitful toward people of all kinds. 
  2. Show some sort of respect to all people, regardless of how rude they come off as. 
  3. Be honorable or show ethical integrity (which kind of ties into the first two guidelines).
But, in reality it all boils down to being kind and following moral behavior.
I always try my hardest to follow this credo, (although I do lose myself at times), and it makes me feel better about myself and others.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Chante - Online Predator

You meet a "boy/girl" on the Web.  He/she is exactly your age, likes the same things as you, likes the same music you do. After a few weeks of chatting, he/she asks you to meet him/her.  What do you do?

First off I just want to say that video was really sad. I know from personal experience how easy it is to get tricked by online pedophiles and crazy people online and fall into their trap. I know that if it weren’t for the many online safety talks my parents had with me, I would have been that little girl, believing everything that grown man was telling her.

But anyway, since my parents taught me better than that, when I was 10 and meeting new people online everyday, I ran into many perverts and pedophiles and people like that. Most of the time they would just ask me for inappropriate pictures and stuff, but some of them tried to get personal info out of me, just like that guy in the video did to that little girl. I knew not to tell them too much about myself, and to tell my parents about anybody whom I felt was trying get dangerously comfortable with me.

So yea, when they would talk about hanging out with me I would tell them my parents would have to get involved in that or I would simply say NO. Some of the trickier ones would try to convince me to find some way to sneak out the house or something so I could meet up with them without my parents having to get into it, but I always said no. The ones who didn’t try to get me to sneak out would just give up as soon as I mentioned my parents, lol, and creeps.

I didn't trust anybody I met online enough to do meet up with them since I knew that I would probably get kidnapped and whatever else they had planned for me. Eventually, when they realized that I wasn’t going to be a victim, they moved on and started targeting other girls. Some of whom I knew online. If they got too creepy with it, I would delete them from my Instant Messaging list, and block them.


Friday, September 16, 2011

How Should Schools Address Bullying?

Tell us your ideas about preventing bullying — and dealing with it when it does occur. Do you think laws like the one in New Jersey will help reduce instances of bullying? What do you think teachers and schools can do to improve school culture and reduce bullying? What approaches do you think can be effective? Do you see this problem getting better, worse or staying about the same in your school or community?

Rihja - Bullying

Growing up I saw a lot of people being bullied and I was bullied myself. Although my tormentors never physically bullied me the verbal bullying hurt just as bad. I remember when I was in the 5th grade, a boy in my class randomly started talking badly about Haitian people. "All Haitian people have AIDs and they look like sh**!"he muttered. As a Haitian American I was offended but I said nothing about it. Then he took things a step further by insulting me directly and my family. "Your mother is a w***e, etc." After he said that and a couple of other things I became enraged. I leaped out of my desk, grabbed him by his shirt and held a sharpened pencil to his throat. My entire class was surprised. They had never seen me like that, because I don't condone violence. After I stood up for myself he left me alone. Now that I think about my actions I see that I'm just as wrong as he is. I could of solved that situation a different way, but I can't change that past.

Although bullying isn't easy to deal with there are ways to help prevent and stop it. The best ways to do that is to collectively show bullies that they have no power over the people they try and torment. Lets say that in a school there's about 10 bullies and 200 other students, and a full staff. If those 200 students stand their ground, and those staff members take the appropriate steps to punish bullies, then eventually the "power" that bullies have over people will die out. Also it's the job of all parents to make sure that their kids aren't bullying people or being bullied. A lot of bullies learn to be violent or talk badly of others after seeing it from their parents. In my community a lot of the African American parents curse in front of their kids. They also fight in front of them and argue with other people. Growing up in an environment like that only continues the cycle. 

In all it is up to the community as a whole to end bullying. In our modern age bullying has become so serious that it's considered a crime.  If people would stop worrying about outer beauty, money, popularity, etc then we wouldn't have to worry about who's better than who. At the end of the day we're all people. Money and earthly items don't make us who we are. If we take a united stand against bullying we will end it.


Ebony - Bullying

The whole idea of someone being bullied really irks my nerves. I don't really see the purpose of bullying at all. I believe if you bully someone, you just want someone to put down to make yourself feel like a bigger person because you're really small on the inside. Bullying should never be accepted in any circumstance whatsoever.

Bullying in school happens too often, I believe if people actually spoke up and told someone about being bullied, maybe others would speak up too and bullying might be less of a problem.  Another problem is, people don't take bullying as serious as they should. If the people who are telling the bullied victims to tell someone don't take bullying very serious, the victim won't feel comfortable telling them. There should be an anti-bullying committee in every school. I believe this would be more effective and there would be way less bullying going on.

I think New Jersey's Anti-Bullying Law will reduce many cases of bullying. Bullies will be scared of actually being charged and doing a sentence in jail, so they will think twice before they try to bully someone. That's really good because bullying needs to come to a complete end and I believe this law will make that happen.


Princess Roro - Bullying

Bullying is something I do feel as though needs to be addressed in schools. I especially believe it should be addressed in  elementary and middle schools. I  say those schools more so than a high school because. You get teased more when your younger. Kids are very blunt and rarely ever bite their tongues especially when it comes to hurting someones feeling. Most often saying the first thing that comes to mind. Also as a high school student I can vouch there are way more important things for us to  e worrying about making fun of someone or worrying about what someone else has on is usually the LAST thing on my mind. This is not to say that it doesn't happen in high school just that it isn't as likely.

I think the easiest way to prevent bullying is to catch it from the very beginning. One suggestion is that if a student is caught being bullied  by someone it should  be a teachers responsibility to reprimand that student and tell them to stop and if they don't they will have consequences to face.  A consequence could be that they get suspended, have detention or get a phone call home to their parents. And if the  bullying continues they will get fined and have to go to court. Same as if a student never comes to school or is constantly late. Bullying should be taken just as serious as those things. I think this approach of handing out consequences will be more affective than any other because i bet a person would think twice about bullying when they find out they can go to jail for it.

In my community I do not see bullying as has gotten worse or better either its about the same as it always have . Those who don't have the newest and best get picked on by those who do, And cyber bullying is usually a jealous person hating on someone else and that has been going on ever since I became an active member of the social networking world. Do I hope that one day such things will cease to exists in schools? Yes I do, but change has to start with this generation in order for the next to know better and do better.

Bullying - Justin

My ideas for preventing bullying is taking up for yourself and knowing how to ignore people.  Some kids do not ignore bullies very well.  If kids are intimidated by others than they should talk to someone like a counselor or their parents about what ever problem they are having.  Cyber bullying shouldn't be on no ones mind because if somebody did it to them they would hurt. 

People should understand the difference between joking around and teasing.  Joking around is when everyone is having fun and is taking it lightly.  Teasing is when you are trying to be a bully.  Bullying can cause children to grow up and become a bully. It can cause a child to have anger problems in the future. 

What does bullying prove anyway?  Nothing!  Bullying creates fear.  If anything you should want someone to respect you for who you are.  

I feel New Jersey is up to something with this law. Maybe people will see the light.  Maybe they won't bully at all.  Everyone would be better off following the laws. The laws can make society a better place.  This law can probably make the Internet safer for teens and younger kids that are new to the World Wide Web.