Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yadilsa - Textbooks

"Digital books" what comes to mind when you hear that? What comes to my mind is difficultly getting my work done and annoying teachers expecting you to get everything done just because it is more convenient because you can access your books on the go. I don't like the idea of having books on my phone or other electronic devices because I'm sure my eyes are going to be hurting a lot. If they decide to not have books there will be an increased amount of people who will need glasses because screens strain your eyes a lot.

I think that about 75% of today's books will be digital because of it's great demand. Everyone nowadays wants things digital because of its convenience. Kids will be able to do homework on the bus and while they are waiting for things without having to bring their books. A lot of schools are into this now, even though I think that it's not very popular in students eyes teachers and parents love it.

I personally do think I will read more because even though it hurts my eyes I will be able to get more work done also it will be less expensive because if a lot of these books go digital then soon there will be places I can download these books for free which will save everyone tons of money on the long run.  I also think that if they made special glasses so that the computer screen wont hurt your eyes then digital books would be way more popular.

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