Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nyeaijah - Textbooks

As a student who's currently using an electronic device as a textbook I think trading your paper book for an e-book is a very good trade. My reason for that is there's so many more advantages like not having to carry a heavy book bag, or even hands on reading and writing, not having to worry about writing for to long you can type down any notes into your device and etc. Also when you need help or more information on something your teacher or others don't understand you can easily use your device to find it out. Electronic devices as textbooks will keep children and any other learning class more into their work. It'll make them more eager to work and learn.

I'm 17 by the time I turn 27 the percentage of people using e-books or electronic devices as textbooks or even notepads will increase by tons. Once people understand the advantages of what it can do everybody will want to have one. More high schools and colleges will start to get them for students, maybe even elementary will probably get them. Textbooks are heavy, they take up a lot of space and etc. Most college student already replaced their paper books with laptops. Basically using electronic devices are much more easier.

I think with e-books students will read more. Reading from a textbook can sometimes be fun or exciting. Using a device can be better for the simple fact you have the power to look up and read on a certain subject. With a device you'll find out more information then a textbook will tell you. I think students will read and write more with a device. You can download books that you'll like to read, articles, and all other reading materials. Clearly saying electronic devices can better your learning experience. Hear it from me a high school senior using a Verizon Galaxy Tablet as a learning tool, they're GREAT!

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