Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Erica - Textbooks

Personally, I do not like the idea of having my books on a Phone, Tablet or Other device.  In the school that I am in now we have tablets.  I believe that although they may be efficient, they create distractions for students.  Many students instead of using the tablets for their intended purpose use them to do other things.  Which causes students to do worse in class.

Many kids may use the Phone, Tablets or other devices to surf the web instead of using them to do assignments.  Although there are blocks that can be put on these devices kids have found ways around the restrictions.  Instead of them doing their work in class many students will be on useless website like Facebook, wasting their valuable learning time.

If I had access to the e-books I doubt that I would read more.  Even though the e-books would be very convenient.  I would be to distracted by the functions of the e-book rather than doing my work.  I would rather have a regular book that I wouldn't have to protect and worry about all the time.  If I had the e-book I would think that someone would steal it or damage it. Therefore, I would not be interested in the book nor would I get more reading done.

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