Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saluhdin - Textbooks

I would not trade paper books for electronic books because there are many advantages of paper books. Paper books can be carried anywhere easily. It doesn’t need electricity. It doesn’t strain our eyes much. In case of e-books, children will be tempted to visit sites like Facebook, mail, games etc.  Children will not focus or concentrate in their studies. If there is no Internet connectivity e-books are of no use. So, using paper books is more convenient than using e-books.
Many things could go wrong with it. Like dead batteries, or something wrong inside of it. I think I will stick with my paper books. Like in a way I would like to use an Ipad, but I do not know how well that would end up. I like digital things, but I am not so sure for a book, I don’t know.
I don't think e-books would make me rad more because I feel as though I wouldn’t concentrate as much if I had a E-Book because even with the tablet that the school gave us I don't concentrate so just imagine where my attention is going to go when I have a E-Book.
I believe that the e-books will improve some of the student's studying and learning but for some students it would be just another distraction.

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