Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shahad - Textbooks

I believe we should move ahead into the future and throw away the old books. Kids are computer literate and work with electronics daily. Why should we be confined to flipping pages when we can flip pages on a device with the wave of a finger?  Why should we still fall asleep in class?  Reading out of the books is so boring, instead we can read and watch videos on almost any device.

I adore the idea of having the privilege/ opportunity of have a device for school. Its an even better experience when you can access everything you need for school on them. for example : books, notebooks, pencils/pens, all a thing from the past! We would have a way better school experience if we dropped those things, and took in the technology we own today as tools to brighten our future. Wouldn't you rather type a five page essay in two days or type it in about two hours? If we had the learning tools on our devices, school would be way better then it already is, and students would have to care book bags around all day like we've been doing for centuries.

The only drawbacks we would have from the use of this technology is the slight possibility of a device malfunctioning, in which case can be fixed. Or that something might happen were as a student may have lost or broken his device accidentally, in which case the device can be fixed and or replaced.

I believe all books will become digital in the near future. I would read more if all my books could be accessed on my device. Imagine reading a normal book, you have to fold pages to save the page, write in the book to save a note, or highlight certain parts of the book to be referred back to. Now imagine swiping a screen to turn a page, or tapping the screen to highlight/copy/paste a part in the book. What would you rather do? How's about if I said the devices are smaller and lighter in weight compared to a table covered in books.

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