Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Elijah - Textbooks

I really like the idea of having books on our Tabs or I pads. This would actually be better for everybody. That would mean no book bags really and no books because you really could do everything on the tabs or I pads. I was watching a video about the I pads and stuff and they got a app that lets the tab read it to you so that would be easier unless u feel like reading. To tell the truth I never really feel like reading because it actually makes me sleepy.

10 years from now I think that 100% of textbooks are going to be digital because of all the creations in the world. Soon humans won’t have to do anything by ourselves. Another reason why I like the idea of having books on our Tabs because growing up I had to carry heavy books everyday and that hurt my back. I had to get a new book bag every semester because the books would rip my bad straps or the bottom. This is not cool especially when walking home.
Honestly if I had the e book I doubt that I would ever have to read but if it came down to it I think I would have more fun reading. Now having fun reading really don't sound like fun but I really would make it work. So basically I like the whole idea of having the textbooks on the Tabs or I Pads.

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