Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shantavia - Textbooks

I love the idea of having books on our electronics. Everyone knows how heavy books are. Still teachers give students 5 or 6 books to take home. It’s absurd and should not be done. Thankfully books can now be on your electronics which can weigh less than a stack of cards.  It is lighter and more effective.

About 100% of the textbooks in 10 years will be digital. Technology is already rising it won't be a matter of time before technology or robots take over. Humans love to advance and don't like struggle. Anything to make our lives easier we accomplish. I don't think there can be any drawbacks.

I would never stop reading if I had an e- book. I love to read, but hate making long trips to the library so an e -book would be great for my schedule. I believe that learning and studying will increase. This is a generation of technology so bringing books into what kids love the most is brilliant.

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