Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lanaya - Textbooks

To me the E-Textbook would be great I would definitely trade my textbook book in for and electronic one any day. I LOVE electronics & figuring things out would be extremely great for me. I wouldn't have to dread about the fact that I have homework in the dull boring textbooks. For example look at the seniors I KNOW FOR A FACT that they are happy with their tablets. They won't have to use their textbooks as much. They can play games listen to music. No I'm not saying they wont get distracted but it’s a better chance they would want to succeed.

Like I said in the beginning I would trade my textbooks for an electronic one any day. I also know if you ask someone any random person on the street they would agree with me 1000%. But there are drawbacks such as distraction & maybe health problems. Kids might be distracted with the Internet, Facebook, the games etc. Which might cause them to loose focus and get off track. I am the type of person to loose focus really quickly. That's why this might be a problem for me because many others and I get side tracked easily.

In the next 10 years I think 50%-60% of the textbooks will be electronics just for the simple fact that every school might want to try these things out, especially the more " higher class schools " such as private & independent schools. Of course this would want to make people read more. Me, I like to read so if I can just go the E-Textbook and look up a book I would want to read that would be AMAZING to me. I'll love it even more. I think more kids will earn better and study more because they would be so excited to use this. If I experience this it would be a beautiful experience by far.

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