Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Aaliyah - Textbooks

When reading the article they have made some great points. Saying how some students may not be able to afford a computer. They are depending on school to provide one. Than there's students who can afford computers and they wouldn't have to wait. So I think introducing e-books for the students is a great offer. You will be taking a big risk on doing this but I think that this will be very good for everyone. Now for students who have their own devices like phones, computers this will be better for them because instead of waiting for everyone they can just get their work done on their own time or get it done early.

Now the drawbacks on this decision would be the time for everyone to grow up. You will have to take full responsibility on what you get. Meaning don't lose it, don't break it try to be very careful with what you have like its your everything. Some people may not be able to subdue this because some people may not be emotionally ready to take this responsibility.  I suggest they not even take this offer.

About 50% of the students would take this offer. Half would love e-books and the other half would rather use textbooks. Only because when using textbooks there might be something in there that the e-book wouldn't have. Just like for e-books there might be something in there textbooks wouldn't have. People are different some people wouldn't like technology for there education they would prefer old school using books and finding answers on there own instead of having a computer doing it for them.

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