Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sonya - Textbooks

My thoughts on the growing offering in digital book and textbook are amazing. I think is a great idea having a book on your phone or electronic device because that gives a lot of student a better advantage. To not carry around large textbook that way you down, making your back hurts. Textbook will be out of style for as long technology in style. But I don't think I would use digital book I prefer the traditional ways. I can understand way better, plus my textbook can’t die or other stuff.

I think there might be few drawbacks on digital textbook. There will always be few people that always want to make something out of nothing. But my drawback will be, I don't think they should give little kids or elementary kids this objects other then high school student that are more mature. And can handle the responsibility that comes along with it. 100% of textbook will be digital by 10 year because technology is taking over this world little by little. Every day technology gets more advances. 10 years from now textbook we not be needed at all.

I do think there would be more reading if I had access to e-books. Because e-book like on the go anywhere you at you can read on e-book not have to carry book in your hand or lose the page you was on or losing the books. I already do a lot of reading online as while so e-book will come like nothing. E-book will change studying by we have a reliable service we can go full of book we can read on the go.

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