Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crystal - Textbooks

I like the idea of having my books on a Phone, Tablet or other device because its less weight I have to carry and plus I use an electronic device everyday. By having books on an electronic device make the youth more eager and willing to learn. I feel that its way easier to have my books on my Phone, Tablet or other device because its something I carry everyday and it super light and portable. I think this idea should be turned into an actual reality.

But I feel that some drawbacks from this can be that the students can possibly loose focus easily.  It will easily distract them because they will maybe text, IM, etc or anything that will take them off track. What will happen if they leave their device at home or forgot to charge it and there are no books for them to use?  This is major drawback for students that do not have a device.

I think 100% of textbooks will be digital 10 years from now because everything is going digital anyway. So in 10 years maybe everything will digital but some will be more advanced.

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