Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ebony - Textbooks

Apple has come up with the idea of making textbooks available on the iPad. I think the idea is brilliant. Students are more visual and auditory. With the textbooks on the iPad, students could see it as more interesting and they could actually have the textbooks read to them.
I personally would trade my paper books for digital versions any day. I don't like carrying the heavy paper books; the digital versions on the iPad would be very convenient. Digital versions of textbooks would be easier for everyone, not only students, but also teachers.
Though most people believe that digital versions of textbooks will ruin the tradition of paper textbooks, I believe it will open a new path to students of the future. We always knew things would change in the future, so we should start with switching from paper textbooks to digital textbooks. Changing from paper textbooks to digital textbooks will be a lot easier for everyone.

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