Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rijha - Textbooks

As a child I liked to read...but now I love it!!! Having my books and textbooks on my phone and tablet is mind bending. With the push of a button I can access my books from anywhere. I no longer have to purchase paperback books or worry about damaging the pages. Although having my books on my phone and tablets is a good thing, it does come with some drawbacks. As a techno/social media fiend, I know that I would be tempted to check messages and update my status as often as possible. The bright screen makes me lose focus from time to time. 

I think as more and more books and textbooks become available on our phones, tablets and other technological devices, the percentage of people switching over will increase. Carrying these books and textbooks puts a heavy burden on students. On the other hand carrying one tablet with hundreds of books saves trees and our strength. Ten years from now a very small percent of people will be using actual books or text books. 

Whether I have an e-book or a regular book I will read the same amount. Having an e-reader shouldn't be what causes you to read. It should be for the love of reading and to learn. Although we should do our best to learn whether we have an e-reader or not e-books will make studying and learning more fun. As technology advances each generation will find a new way of learning. Our method is e-books.

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