Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Karim - Textbooks

The Idea of having textbooks on my mobile device sounds cool. Devices would make it easier for students to carry around their books. Old textbooks were to heavy and you sometimes had to carry more than one so that made it extra heavy. But with E-books it’s all on a small portable device that is light and easy to carry. It's also more updated and can change the info on the E-book by just clicking update and all info would be up to date.
With old textbooks they get updated every couple of years which leave students out dated. The drawbacks might be if someone can't afford the device. Also if the device crashes or break you are out of luck. This all leads back to money because it the device break you have to pay to get it fix and you might not have the money right then and their. But if you don't get it fixed right away you will miss the lessons in class. I think At least 75% of textbooks will be digital in the future or maybe 90% because the idea is already spreading fast now.
I think I will read more because the way they got e-books set up its a visual learning experience which mean you would be more active at what you doing instead of just reading. The picture always get people to read more and they these pictures are set up they are also videos. I think e-books will change the way we learn from text book because of the updates is always recent and the picture and visual video learning.

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