Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Broken Friendship Letter 1

Dear Friend,

I've had the same best friend since preschool. We have never had a major fight or anything to break us apart. But now my friend has done something that I don't think I can forgive her for.

Christine (not her real name) gave my e-mail password to this group of girls at school that I call the "beautiful people". They are gorgeous and popular, but they are also pretty mean. They used my e-mail account to send disgusting messages, supposedly from me, to every boy In school.

Now I can't even walk down the hall without people laughing at me. What should I do?


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Broken Friendship Letter 2

Dear Friend,

I need your advice. I have a great best friend who I've known forever. She's fun to hang out with and we always share everything. Now I have to make a choice. 

There is a group of really popular girls at school. They have promised to let me into their group, but on one condition. I have to give them Michele's(not her real name) e-mail password. 

I know Michele would be pretty upset if I did this, but I am desperate to be popular for once In my life. What could they do with her e-mail password anyhow? I'll Just tell Michele to change It after I give it to them anyway. 

Please help!

  • Post your finished and edited response as a comment. 
  • You should be sympathetic to the writer's problem but you also need to make sure you give the advice that he or she needs.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Love Letter

Read: To What Piece of Technology Would You Write a ‘Love Letter’?

Write a three paragraph letter supporting your opinion. Please check grammar, spelling and punctuation.  Post it on your Blog.

Try your hand at writing a similar “love letter” to the piece of technology that means the most to you, whether it’s an iPod you own or a computer, television, camera, or cellphone you covet. Like David Pogue does, address the device directly and describe the details that make it “something special” to you. (You needn’t write about the tech specifics of the device unless you want to; instead, you might concentrate on how this device improves, or could improve, your life.)  
  • You may write a three stanza poem or a three verse song or rap instead.
  • "iPhone!!!" Mr. Viereck

Christian - Poem About iPhone

Poem about iPhone

iphone,mini,whiteFired her up for her first spin ’round the block,
Waited and waited, oh wait, there’s the clock.
Plugged her in to my Mac, she started to sync,
What should I do now, I started to think.

Let’s start with Safari, they say it’s the best,
A mobile browser quite unlike the rest.
Zoomed in, zoomed out, pinched and slid,
This beats anything my old iPod did.

Next was Google Maps to take a look from space,
All of the things created by the human race.
Dropped a pin on my house, and the bars around town,
Couldn’t believe the detail of the places I found.


Rhian - Dear Samsung

Dear Samsung,
Your devices are the best. I have been using your products for years. Every cellphone I ever had has been Samsung. My television in my living room is Samsung. My tablet is Samsung. Even the monitor on my computer is Samsung. I buy Samsung products to satisfy my need for technology. Samsung you are the best.
My television in my living room offers the greatest TV watching experience ever. The clarity, colors, and saturation of colors are so rich. I've never seen another TV offer such stunning quality. The color reproduction is the best I've ever seen in a TV.
My Samsung galaxy tab is also very handy. Anything my computer can do my tablet can do. It has gotten to the point that I don't even use my computer as much. The tablet is very quick and offers a great video watching experience.
My Samsung galaxy vibrant is one of the best phones I've ever used. The processing speed is amazing. And the Super Amoled displays makes colors, contrast, and sharpness look very good. Its one of the best display technology to date. The camera also takes very sharp photos and the overall body of the phone is very good looking.


Cladia - My ((not so)) lovely letter to my cell phone :)

Dear Celli,

We have been together for a while now, and I love having you around but . . . it's time to let you go. Trust me it hurts you a lot more then it hurts me. Your just not cool anymore. You've completely changed, you don't even let me send messages to my friends. You don't play my music right because your constantly stopping it, you end calls way before I'm even through talking, and well . . . your just not attractive anymore. You have honestly "let yourself go". I've tried being nice and that's just not working for me.

I'm not trying to be rude but you have to go. I refuse to play your games. It's either you listen to what I have to say or I'll send you back to the store you came from! Lately you haven't been cooperating at all, what's up with that? We could have a great time together if you would just act right! You brought this on yourself.

I'm at a lost for words when it comes to your graphics, I mean it looks like a little kid drew your screensavers for you. On top of that, you have the worst camera i have ever had the displeasure of using! If your going to act dumb you need to atleast be a cute phone, with 4gb, a market for apps, and awesome cellphone cases. Well, that's all I had to talk to you about. 
I have to go . . . I'm getting my new iPhone today! :)

CeeCee :)

Britanny - Dear Camera

Dear Camera,
Out of everyone, you know I absolutely love taking pictures. Everyone else knows the inner me and my personality. But you let everyone see the outer me, not just what I chose to show in school. You show me that everyone comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
"You taught me that everyone is beautiful in their own way."
I love that you're a pocket camera, so I can carry you anywhere.You help me capture great moments and memories. If I don't want just a picture, you let me record funny moments so I can go back to a laugh or two.
Without you all I would have is memories without pictures/videos to look back to or show off to anyone. You might be small, but you have a big flash that brightens up my day. You're the greatest, I couldn't have asked for a better camera.
I Love You! (:

Jasmine - iPhone

Love letter

I appreciate all of the things you do for me. I wanted, need and care about you. When the person at the Sprint store told me, you will never let me down, I believed him. You are the best thing that was ever given to me. The most amazing I've ever had. You always make sure I'm smiling, laughing, and having a good time. 

When your in my hands, I feel so thankful and it makes me think I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing Phone. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You have the most beautiful screen and cases. You take the best pictures.
For once in my life, I feel I don't need anything else, you have everything I need. I don't need a computer because you have Internet.  I don't need a game boy because you have Temple Run. 

It is unbelievable how I can be myself around you and feel so close to you, I feel like I have known you for ever. I couldn't imagine my life without you, I couldn't imagine going to bed without one last text and waking up without you beside me.
I love looking back and thinking of the way we met and how it all started as a little crush on the first iPhone who everyone wanted but could not have. Little did I know you felt the same way about me, it's crazy and ironic. 

For three months I asked my mom for you. I couldn't have been happier on the day I FINALLY got you. I may not be careful with you sometimes.  I promise you that I will treat you how you deserve to be treated from now on. 

When my teacher doesn't allow me to have you, you are in my pocket. You are ALL I think about.


Anisa - Pointless Affections

Pointless Affections for Pointless Things

To my tablet, 

I honestly don't write love letters at all, I find them too mushy. But, I will make the exception for you. 

I loved you from the first moment I received you.  Of course, like most, we've had our fair share of difficulties. But, in the end, you've always managed to push that aside and come through.  As such, we have a bond like no other.  

You've been there for me through thick and thin. You've given me so many friends.  But you will always be my best friend.  


Azeem - Dear Google

Dear Google,

Google the ultimate search engine. You have replaced the original king (Yahoo!). You never let (Ask) have a chance when it first made an appearance.

You went on to creating Gmail and other useful apps. Like Google goggles. Your maps are most accurate with satellite pictures.

You even have your own web browser (Google Chrome). You still dominate the internet as a home page and the most used site in the world. You will continue to dominate the internet for another decade. 



Taj - My iPhone

It was February 9 and I had just got a new iPhone.
My iPhone, My iPhone, My iPhone all I can think about was my iPhone.
From the text messages, to the internet surfing, i enjoyed my iPhone.

So many apps I can download from temple run, to a hello kitty game.
Various chooses in my app store that the android market could never compare too.
My iPhone, My iPhone My iPhone all I can think about was my iPhone.
From text messages, to the internet surfing, I enjoyed my iPhone.

Nobody phone has anything on mines, from my many apps, to my many utilities.
My Flashy Flash, To Twitting Twitter, To Drama Fulled Facebook.
Still none of those compare to my iPhone.
My iPhone, My iPhone, My iPhone all I can think about was my iPhone.
From text messages, to internet surfing, I enjoyed my iPhone :).


Mettra - My iPod Touch

Dear iPod ,

When I first bought you It Was Amazing.
If someone ever dropped you I would go hell raising.
Remember the time I first got you in the Beginning of may.
I Bumped you on my porch on that rainy day.
The Max B thumping in my eardrums.
I played you for hours until the night had succumbed.

Apple iPod Touch 64GB 4th Generation (Refurbished)One time I thanked god.
For giving us Steve Jobs.
But one thing he didn't prevent.
Protecting the iPod in any sort of  events.
My life was brilliant my life was fun.
Till you cracked and your screen was DONE.

I will never forget my old friend.
But SORRY For this very bitter end.
Apologies for being a such a bitch.
But your next to be on my Craigslist.
I pity your heart for giving it this laceration.
But I'm on to The next iPod 6th Generation.              
Love ,
 P.S : Hope Your New Owner Is Having As Much Fun With You As I Did : )

Isis - i Love My iMac

i love my computer god knows i do 
you are a special piece of technology 
and i will always love you. 

People may think i am over exaggerating 
but i promise you i am not in my dreams.
i am on the internet exploring all of the possibility
i don't think i wanna ever stop. 

Its just because i spent so much time on it
when i get bored here comes my computer where i sit.
For hours and hours exploring a world of fascination
and websites where i just might use my imagination.
We will be together forever and ever 
because i love my computer.

with all my love

secret admirer 

Michael - 52" Samsung Plasma TV

Dear 52" Samsung Plasma TV,

Man I don't know what to say but I love you. You are always there when I need you. Whenever I'm bored I can always depend on you. Every time I hear your stereo I shiver.  Not because I'm scared but because your sound takes me somewhere else.  I belong and that is with you oh 52 inch plasma TV.  I always tell you how much I love you, but the thing is do you love me?

What can I do without you?  What will I do whenever I'm in the house by myself and bored? Oh plasma screen TV the first time I saw you I didn't know what to do because it was love at first site.  Not only can I watch videos from my direct TV box,  I can play videos games and I can plug a computer in you. Whenever I need music all I have to do is plug my tablet in and BAAAM!!! there's music. What can I say you are perfect, there's nothing you can not do.

Oh plasma screen TV I can't wait till I'm done with my homework, so I can turn you on. Oh plasma screen TV you always keep me on my toes. You are something else!   If I were to ever lose you I'd go into a great depression.  If someone were to steal you it'll be world war 2 all over again.  I wouldn't stop until I found you.   Oh plasma screen TV tell me how much you love me, if you can.


Shante - I Love My iPhone

I Love My iPhone,

My friends are always telling me to move on, to give up. But why? Why should I? 

They don't see you the way that I see you. They don't look into your lenses and see the world of web. Why would they understand? 

They can't possibly imagine what it means to look at your pictures and listen to all that music. I wish for once, just once, they could walk a mile in my shoes. They wouldn't need to walk that far. 

It would just take one click and suddenly, they would take back every bit of 'giving you up' advice they had ever given me and realize you're my life. You were meant for me, and that moving on or giving up is simply not an option. 

I love you iPhone!


Shakira - Without Camera

I HATE my blackberry!
At first I loved it.
I got the Blackberry Torch when it first came out..
It was the best phone I've ever had.

Now I CAN'T WAIT to get rid of it ...
It freezes and everything.
Its just old now....

This stupid phone tricked me.
I went on Google, to figure out if my phone had a front camera..
They told me there was.
When I went on the App store, I couldn't find an app for it,
There should  be an app for a front camera!!!!!!
Turns out my phone doesn't have one.
That's the one thing I wanted the most on my phone.

This phone dies so fast , even when I'm hardly using it.
The iPhone is way better,
It has many things that other phones don't.
I honestly rather have any phone other than this one.

I want my iPhone :(


Idelis - My Phone

I love the way you vibrate and make me feel when I receive a message. I Love hearing my favorite songs when someone calls me. I love you because you're so important to me. 

I received phone calls from you, I heard music from you, and I could text my friends and families from you. You wake me up every morning with that annoying sound that makes me just wanna wake up instead of being in bed.  

You have been their with me through my bad times, like when I lost my iPod you were there, with your songs. You take better pictures then my iPod and you are  better then my cousins. 

I love you (my phone).. 

<3 Idelis

Theresa - Camera


So bright so lively,
It captures every important moment,                          
Memories you keep forever, 
Any form or shape it may be, 

If only life could be like that sometimes, 
So bright so light , 
Just blurred at the edges,
Slightly out of focus,
A tiny bit fogged,
And those people in your frame caught looking,
Smiles surprises and joy,
Harmless like cartoon characters,
And the surprises you couldn’t see,
When you snapped the shutter,
Guessing at focus, exposure,
How the sun glows softly,
And shadows spread like coffee,
And all life’s multitude of grays,
Shimmer like silk scarves,
And dance in summer’s breeze,


Keyonna - Twitter Love

Twitter Love,

So addictive!!  

In the beginning I didn't like you. I thought you were dumb.  But as we came to know each other we fell in love.

Tweeting like birds. Twatching like hawks. Your my best friend.  I can tell you anything.  

Man I love you twitter.


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Britnee - iPhone


It was Christmas Week, 
So I was on a wild seek. 
I just got my first pay check. 
What should I do now ? 
 went to the Sprint Store and almost had a cow. 

The iPhone 4s, 
No sell but it was still the best. 
I knew it was love at first sight, that was a fact. 
So I had to buy the biggest Otter Box so it wouldn't CRACK. 

Snapshot Feature, 
Flash as bright as day 
It was well worth the 300 dollar pay. 
Fast loading applications, 
Downloading everything feeding into my temptations. 

If I continue saying what I like this would be forever long 
Ask me your flaws? 
Ill say you can do no wrong. 
Except leave me, 
But that's why I have a warranty (: 


Jahlil - Dear iPad

iPad I want you I need you,
I love you I breath for you.
I stalked you constantly,
While others say there's no need for you.
But I know that we know that there's something between us two.

They mock me, 
They laugh because I use your apps, to make graphs.
With your dual-core processor you move so fast.
With all the money I’ve saved I have you in my grasp.
I want you right now I cant wait any longer,
Should I get you in white or black let me sit back & ponder.

With your LED backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display,
My mom, my dad & all my brothers want to play.
With your back camera, video recording in HD is so simple,
Every time I put my brother on camera I see his pimples.
With edges like paper you could cut like a knife,
And with up to 10 hours of battery life.


Juwan - Dear Nexus X

Dear Nexus S,
I remember when we first met. I had just gotten off a bad relationship with my Palm Pre, which was marked by regret, disappointment, and a fair bit of heartbreak. 
Of all the Android devices I considered, the Nexus S seemed the most logical buy. It was well-designed and pure, enjoyable to hold, and more or less guaranteed to be supported by Google for far longer than most other phones. So I made my move.
There was a Best Buy and a contract, an exchange of $200 and a brief moment of self-doubt. I knew that, no matter what else was happening in my life during the next two years, chances are that I will have you with me. 
That’s not a commitment to take lightly.

Justice - My TV

Back in my younger days, I loved watching TV.  Even now I still do.  After a hard day at school, I plop on my bed and drown in my TV.  When I got my first Big Screen TV two Christmases ago I nearly died. This is to my TV.

I've seen you around a lot. Staring at you from a far.  To shy to walk up to you. Didn't have what it took to take you home with me.  Many nights tossing and turning thinking about you and your beauty.  Wondering what I would do if I ever got you.

That Christmas, felt like a dream come true.  Seeing you in your box.  Couldn't wait to take it off of you and see that perfect screen.  Plug-in you in felt like I plugged in my heart for the first time.  We did so much together.  Laughing together at stupid sitcoms, kicking butt on PlayStation Network.  

I know I don't tell you this often, but I love you my Big Screen TV.              


Altarik - Dear iPod

Dear iPod,
I prayed to technology for a love so true 
In time my prayer was answered
The most wonderful iPod 

What we share feels so right 

I listen to you every night

Precious memories you begin
I'll listen over and over again

Much joy and happiness you've brought me 

If I had life to live again, 
I'd want to be with you 
My iPod, my best friend 

Always and Forever, 
I'll love you till the end