Friday, September 16, 2011

Ebony - Bullying

The whole idea of someone being bullied really irks my nerves. I don't really see the purpose of bullying at all. I believe if you bully someone, you just want someone to put down to make yourself feel like a bigger person because you're really small on the inside. Bullying should never be accepted in any circumstance whatsoever.

Bullying in school happens too often, I believe if people actually spoke up and told someone about being bullied, maybe others would speak up too and bullying might be less of a problem.  Another problem is, people don't take bullying as serious as they should. If the people who are telling the bullied victims to tell someone don't take bullying very serious, the victim won't feel comfortable telling them. There should be an anti-bullying committee in every school. I believe this would be more effective and there would be way less bullying going on.

I think New Jersey's Anti-Bullying Law will reduce many cases of bullying. Bullies will be scared of actually being charged and doing a sentence in jail, so they will think twice before they try to bully someone. That's really good because bullying needs to come to a complete end and I believe this law will make that happen.


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