Friday, September 16, 2011

Princess Roro - Bullying

Bullying is something I do feel as though needs to be addressed in schools. I especially believe it should be addressed in  elementary and middle schools. I  say those schools more so than a high school because. You get teased more when your younger. Kids are very blunt and rarely ever bite their tongues especially when it comes to hurting someones feeling. Most often saying the first thing that comes to mind. Also as a high school student I can vouch there are way more important things for us to  e worrying about making fun of someone or worrying about what someone else has on is usually the LAST thing on my mind. This is not to say that it doesn't happen in high school just that it isn't as likely.

I think the easiest way to prevent bullying is to catch it from the very beginning. One suggestion is that if a student is caught being bullied  by someone it should  be a teachers responsibility to reprimand that student and tell them to stop and if they don't they will have consequences to face.  A consequence could be that they get suspended, have detention or get a phone call home to their parents. And if the  bullying continues they will get fined and have to go to court. Same as if a student never comes to school or is constantly late. Bullying should be taken just as serious as those things. I think this approach of handing out consequences will be more affective than any other because i bet a person would think twice about bullying when they find out they can go to jail for it.

In my community I do not see bullying as has gotten worse or better either its about the same as it always have . Those who don't have the newest and best get picked on by those who do, And cyber bullying is usually a jealous person hating on someone else and that has been going on ever since I became an active member of the social networking world. Do I hope that one day such things will cease to exists in schools? Yes I do, but change has to start with this generation in order for the next to know better and do better.

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