Friday, September 16, 2011

Bullying - Justin

My ideas for preventing bullying is taking up for yourself and knowing how to ignore people.  Some kids do not ignore bullies very well.  If kids are intimidated by others than they should talk to someone like a counselor or their parents about what ever problem they are having.  Cyber bullying shouldn't be on no ones mind because if somebody did it to them they would hurt. 

People should understand the difference between joking around and teasing.  Joking around is when everyone is having fun and is taking it lightly.  Teasing is when you are trying to be a bully.  Bullying can cause children to grow up and become a bully. It can cause a child to have anger problems in the future. 

What does bullying prove anyway?  Nothing!  Bullying creates fear.  If anything you should want someone to respect you for who you are.  

I feel New Jersey is up to something with this law. Maybe people will see the light.  Maybe they won't bully at all.  Everyone would be better off following the laws. The laws can make society a better place.  This law can probably make the Internet safer for teens and younger kids that are new to the World Wide Web.


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