Monday, October 10, 2011

Keyonna - Personal Credo

The Credo that I live up to is "Never judge a book by its cover". This quote means that you should never think or determine a person because of their appearance. Just because one looks like they are mean, disrespectful, and ruthless it does not necessary means that they are. If somebody looks sweet and quiet it does not mean that they are going to be a push over. Many believe that if a person is black or dark skinned then they are automatically African or Haitian. Its all due to the thought of the first appearance of on shows and tells everything about them.

Once some one had told me that they thought that I would be mean or was just a quiet stuck up girl who didn't know anything. The reason that person assumed or thought that I was that way was because I was new in their class and I didn't want to introduce myself or work with any one at the time. She thought that because I had come from Rahway, New Jersey I looked as if I thought I was better than every body else. Until she came to know me she didn't not know that I was very kindhearted and was the complete opposite of what she was thinking. She never thought we would be friends but even til this day me and her are very good friends for seven years in counting without any delimas.

All in all even though most people learned that the first empression tells a lot and is the most important many jus go a long with how you look, sound, smell, and talk. For another reason why this is my credo is becaus rd. you can never know what's going on in some ones heart, mind, or brain. You don't know what's happening in somebody's background or life. People think oh, he/she is weak or is a push over. When really it is just a lot of pain, hurt, and anger built up inside of them. Just cause you are pushing them that extra mile it may cause them anxiety attacks, suicidal motions, or even insanity. So therefore, "Never judge a book by it's cover".


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