Friday, September 23, 2011

Chante - Online Predator

You meet a "boy/girl" on the Web.  He/she is exactly your age, likes the same things as you, likes the same music you do. After a few weeks of chatting, he/she asks you to meet him/her.  What do you do?

First off I just want to say that video was really sad. I know from personal experience how easy it is to get tricked by online pedophiles and crazy people online and fall into their trap. I know that if it weren’t for the many online safety talks my parents had with me, I would have been that little girl, believing everything that grown man was telling her.

But anyway, since my parents taught me better than that, when I was 10 and meeting new people online everyday, I ran into many perverts and pedophiles and people like that. Most of the time they would just ask me for inappropriate pictures and stuff, but some of them tried to get personal info out of me, just like that guy in the video did to that little girl. I knew not to tell them too much about myself, and to tell my parents about anybody whom I felt was trying get dangerously comfortable with me.

So yea, when they would talk about hanging out with me I would tell them my parents would have to get involved in that or I would simply say NO. Some of the trickier ones would try to convince me to find some way to sneak out the house or something so I could meet up with them without my parents having to get into it, but I always said no. The ones who didn’t try to get me to sneak out would just give up as soon as I mentioned my parents, lol, and creeps.

I didn't trust anybody I met online enough to do meet up with them since I knew that I would probably get kidnapped and whatever else they had planned for me. Eventually, when they realized that I wasn’t going to be a victim, they moved on and started targeting other girls. Some of whom I knew online. If they got too creepy with it, I would delete them from my Instant Messaging list, and block them.


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