Monday, October 10, 2011

Lloyd 64 - Personal Credo

Steve Jobs was an innovative genius, it astonishes so many people (including me) what he was able to accomplish in his lifetime. He had an youthful mind with an old spirit which was very apparent when spoke. He inspired me to do as much as i can with the time that I have left on earth, I can tell for a fact that he will be missed.

My core beliefs are far from complex, nor should they be seen as complex or complicated, it is as simple as Honesty, Respect, and Honor. 
  1. Avoid being deceitful toward people of all kinds. 
  2. Show some sort of respect to all people, regardless of how rude they come off as. 
  3. Be honorable or show ethical integrity (which kind of ties into the first two guidelines).
But, in reality it all boils down to being kind and following moral behavior.
I always try my hardest to follow this credo, (although I do lose myself at times), and it makes me feel better about myself and others.

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