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Is Our Culture of Online Shaming Out of Control?

11/2 Online Shaming

Read: Is Our Culture of Online Shaming Out of Control?
  1. After watching the video “Monica Lewinsky Breaks Her Public Silence With a TED Talk,” and
  2. Reading “Is Our Culture of Online Shaming Out of Control?(Audio File listen as you read.)
  3. Write a post on your blog, in which you argue Is Our Culture of Online Shaming Out of Control? 
  4. Support your position with evidence from the text and video. Include at least 2 sources using citelighter and the MLA format. 
Read the entire article and watch Ms. Lewinsky’s TED talk, above, then tell us …
  • What is your reaction to Ms. Lewinsky’s talk? What lines or ideas stand out for you? Why?
  • Do you agree that the “rush to judgment enabled by technology” can be dangerous? What recent examples can you think of beyond those given?
  • Have you observed the kind of online shaming described here in your own social media networks?
  • Have you ever participated in or been a victim of this kind of public shaming? What happened?
  • How often, if ever, have you “walked a mile in someone else’s headline” and imagined what it must be like for the person who is being publicly shamed?
  • “Public humiliation is a commodity and shame is an industry,” Ms. Lewinsky says. “How is the money made? Clicks. The more shame, the more clicks. The more clicks, the more advertising dollars.” Why do you think we are drawn to clicking on content that shames others? How often do you do it?
  • What do you think that we, as a society, can or should be doing about this issue? What can you do as an individual? Do we need a “cultural revolution” to create an online culture of compassion and empathy, as Ms. Lewinsky says?
  • If you are interested in reading another New York Times piece about this issue, see the Magazine article “How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life.”

My reaction to Ms. Lewinsky's TED talk was that it was another old woman talking about how the internet is a bad place. But as she continued to talk on the stage, I realized she was the woman who had an affair with her boss , The President of the United States. Shocking right ?

I would have to agree that the "rush to judgment enabled by technology" can be dangerous. Every type of news is on Twitter, and lets be honest twitter is still popularly used. When people read things on twitter, some automatically think that its true. They don't look up more information about it, they just think that its true and that's where online shaming comes in. I have personally never seen anyone shamed like this on social media, if anything I would just hear about it on the news.
I have never been a victim or victimized a person online. I have seen some back and forth fighting on twitter but if I were to say my two cents then they would harass me for saying something. I have only felt sorry for the person who is being shamed, but then again its half their fault that it happened to them.

Ms. Lewinsky said ' Public humiliation is a commodity and shame is an industry,' she also said 'How is the money made? Clicks. The more shame, the more clicks. The more clicks, the more advertising dollars.'

I feel like we are drawn to clicking on content that shames others because we find it entertaining. We are amused by the fact that somebody is being harassed online. Its hard to admit, but its true. When I am on twitter, I usually get links about famous people, that are of course negative and I do click on them because I would want to know what people are saying about them.
I think that we, as a society, can't really do anything. No matter how much attention we bring to it, we will be feeding the attention seekers and they will keep doing it as long as they get that attention.

Carlos Mejia

Online shaming is out of control because most of the people use it to make money. The more clicks each websites get the more money they are making. People may take this problem as a way to make money but the truth behind this is depressing because some of this people are being abuse online which is today know as online shaming  and some of them committed suicide to end their life because they cannot find an easier solution .

Online shaming should be take more serious because you may have fun watching a video where someone is getting online shaming but if you were in that position you wouldn't like others to make fun of you. Like Monica Lewinsky say "online shaming can make you think in a lot of ways to end your life but if you can control yourself you can survive online shaming".

At one point in my life I was part of online shaming because I dint know what it mean to the other person behind the camera that was being humiliated .

I recommend you think twice before posting something because you could get in trouble for cyber bulling other and online shaming others. You could also make the other person feel bad and depressed which could make him or she committee suicide. If you ever abuse someone in the the internet I recommend you to expect the same for yourself because one day you could be the person everyone is making fun.

If you don't like online shaming don't say negatives to the person who is suffering instead try to be nice to that person because one person could make them happy. We contribute online shaming by clicking in pages of people that are being humiliate. We cannot be a part of this by not clicking in the link of the page because the more clicks that page get the pages become viral and those people who publish it make more money of someone pain.

Sonjani Foyo
My reaction to Ms. Lewinsky's talk was at first, who is this? Then to just Wow that is crazy. The line that stood out to me the most, was when she said she fell in love with her boss, the president of the United States. This stood out because you don't hear about these things happening.

The rush to judgement enabled by technology is dangerous, because the online viewers don't know the whole story to an event that happened, and they're so quick to talk bad about the person or people. I have observed online shaming in the social media networks that I use.

I have not participated or been a victim of public shaming. I try not to think about what it's like to be the person who is being publicly shamed. That would make me very upset for something I didn't do or have anything to do with. I can't even imagine to know what it feels like to have "everyone against you" for a mistake that you've done. I think we are drawn to clicking on content that shames others, because sometimes it makes us feel better about ourselves. Especially if it's someone with a higher rank in society than us. It gives us a sense of pride, because we wouldn't do what the person is being shamed for.

I try not click on content that shames others, because I know being humiliated isn't a good feeling, especially on a global scale, that would feel ten times worse. As a society I think we should focus more about uplifting others achievements, instead of uploading their failures. As an individual I can make post or comments about the accomplishments of others that I recognize.

I never really knew Monica Lewinsky or heard about her being humiliated. But when I heard her her story I thought it was so sad because all the names she was being called over the internet and stuff like that, people that get cyber bullied or any type of bully they take it upon their selves to commit suicide.

In the video she also talk about one her friends. 42-year-old Marcel Staehelin who had committed suicide jumping off a 956 foot high bridge. He was being bullied/ harassed as well because people found out he was gay. They started making fun of him and calling him names and he couldn't take it no more.
People should stop bullying/ cyber bullying each other. Its going to lead into something negative. Cyber bullying is nothing to make fun of or play with it is a never serious matter, people take their lives away because of depression and things of that nature.

I feel as though no human being should be bullied. Committing suicide or having suicidal thoughts is extreme. Everyone should be treated equally (treat others the way you want to be treated). If you knew somebody that was suffering from depression, their crying for help, loss of hope, or frustration, GET THEM SOME HELP! Help them find a therapist or someone they can talk to, it can be a close friend, grandparent, parents, etc.

Sebastien Jean-Marc
Our culture of online shaming is out of control. People are being bullied and made fun of online and end up committing suicide. Some people just ignore the facts of all the suicides that have happened in the past years. They keep bullying and shaming people online to the point where the victim commits suicide.

Online shaming should not be taken lightly or made fun of. It should be taken seriously and people should stop it. People should stop acting like they can't see the online shaming that's happening online and stand up to say something about it. People should try to make online shaming illegal in certain situations.

Online shaming should only be used in certain situations when some people do something to deserve to be shamed online and that is the only situation when there should be online shaming.

Is Our Culture of Online Shaming Out of Control?

Shelder RacineOur culture of online shaming is out of control because people hurt other people feelings to be funny. They do this get attention.This can be sometimes be called cyber bullying. This happens when someone has access to your private pictures or information to their advantage. In the article she states that "we are living in a place where humiliation has become a "commodity". This means to me that once that person has access into your life, they can easily use it against you.

Our Culture of Online Shaming is out of control people are using it to harm innocent people.The people that do online shaming must not know how its feels. In the article, its says Ms.Lewinsky was one the cover of the newspaper. She was humiliated and afraid. She was branded as a tramp, tart, slut, whore, and that women. This made her feel uncomfortable.   

The final reason why our culture of online shaming is out of control is because the internet is being used the wrong the way. In the article Ms.Lewinsky was humiliated and states that even today the reality of the internet magnification of humiliation more common. She also says "There is a very personal price to public humiliation.”  And the growth of the Internet has jacked up that price. Online Shaming has become a bad way to communicate and should be stopped.


Public shaming? Its happened to all of us at least once in life. But the question is ..Is public shaming okay? Is it the proper way to tell or correct people for their wrongs? I don't think its cool or productive to blast another human being on the world wide web (www.).

Honesty, I think the internet is the destruction of this generation. Nobodies life is private. Everything is broad cast and seen by millions of strangers. And sometimes the wrong thing is broad cast and when that happens the individual is instantly attacked ...

BOOM! The situation blows up over night and now this individual has either committed suicide or felt as if they had to hide from the public. And there we have it another death or lost do to public shaming.

In my opinion public shaming shaming is out of control. Can it be stopped? This is a free country and people are free to think and state how they feel . So I think that people should be mindful of what they post and what they do online. Even thought its to look cool other people can see it so if you can't take yourself don't post it. Be mindful of what you do.

Kevin Vargas
Online shaming is a very serious thing. I feel like if there's a problem with someone. There is no reason to put their business online and embarrass them like that. There are kids out there that do bad things and there parents decide to go on social media make a video and embarrass them by hitting them or talking bad about them. Then they upload the video so everyone can see it. Then people start judging them. Online shaming can drive people to do crazy things. People have committed suicide because of the problems caused by online shaming.

I don't approve of online shaming but people are entitled to their opinion and I can't stop people from saying what they want. I feel like online shaming should be banned because what's the point of putting people's business online if they have something to say to them they should say it to them not say it through the internet. Many people don't have that strong mentality to handle online shaming and others do. Online shaming is something nobody should ever experience no matter how bad the situation is.


I agree online shaming is out of control. It's gotten to the point where you have to be really careful of what you put out there. People will make fun of the smallest things and make it a big deal, just for fun.
In some cases, people have killed themselves over being humiliated in public's eye. The internet can be a really scary place. You have people stealing people's identity. It's out of control!
I personally think the internet has destroyed this generation. Kids are shaping their beliefs and identities off this platform. The question is "Can it be stopped"? HA! In a free country like this, unfortunately It may be impossible to stop it. Let alone fix the damages it has caused on the youth. Only thing you can do at this point is be careful about what you put out there and don't let the internet consume you.

Aaron Barrett
My reaction is that people shouldn't have or send things that are important in their life online. I know a lot of people that have been in an online shaming situation. It's not pretty. It's very embarrassing. Online shaming is all over the world, also know as Facebook and twitter.

A woman named Monica Lewinsky experience what Lindsey Stone, John Ronson, Justine Sacco and Walter Palmer experience. They have all been publicly shamed in different ways. Ms. Lewinsky was publicly shamed back in 1998 for falling in love with her boss. As she said "At age of 22, I fell in love with my boss. At the ago of 24, I learned the devastating consequences."

These days social media seems to be taking advantage of our privileges. People think that they have the right to publicly bully someone. It's easy for people to judge without knowing the person. Monica Lewinsky's life changed overnight. This is my thought about online shaming people shouldn't be shamed over simple things. It's just not right.

Latasia Miles
Ms. Lewinsky is brave for coming out and telling her story after years of shaming.
Years of shaming for something she did when she was young. A line that stands out the most is when Ms. Lewinsky states that "Reality of the Internet magnification of humiliation is even more common. We are living."

Online shaming is a form of bullying or Cyber bullying. I do believe that public shaming is getting out of control. Especially some of the parents that think it's OK to mortify their child for the mistakes they have made. Publicly shaming your child isn't discipline, it's child abuse. Publicly shaming your child won't solve anything.

I Have not  participated in nor have I been a victim of any kind of public shaming. I think we're drawn to content that shames others because we're drawn to drama. We'd rather see others fail than succeed. Online shaming doesn't  justify anything. It probably will only make the situation worse.

Paris James
Monica Lewinsky experienced what Lindsey Stone, John Robson, Justine Sacco and Walter Palmer experienced. They have all been publicly shamed. Ms. Lewinsky was publicly shamed back in 1998 for falling in love with her boss. After reading about that, I understand how social media can destroy you in less than one night. Online shaming happens all over the world on sites such as Facebook, twitter and MySpace.

Anything you put in Facebook, twitter, snap-chat, etc could effect your future. This publicly shaming can cause people to do things like commit suicide, not wanting to see nobody, or to even change their lifestyle completely. Public shaming is one of the worst things people can experience, but like my parents tell me "think before you do something." So I think everyone, should think before they post something on social media. We never know what other people think about it.

These days social media seems to be taking privileges. People think that they have the right to publicly bully someone. Its easy for people to judge without knowing who the person changed over night.One mistake can change your whole life.Today, online shaming has become the norm. Anyone is at risk for being publicly humiliated on the internet.
even care. People can be very cruel and mean so then it will cause people to and to kill their self.


Online shaming is when someone posts a video and shows the whole school. So a girl committed suicide after her dad posted an embarrassing video of him cutting off her hair. While having her stare into the camera on  his phone. So he made her wear boy clothes and go to school and had her drop out of the class president race.
She would go to school and everybody would make fun of her and pick on her and I guess bully her as well. Later that day she jump off a bridge on to a busy street and was rushed to the hospital where she died.

People even started a website and named it after her because they felt bad. I think that after watching the video kids in school should now know not to post embarrassing video's or do something and have it uploading to YouTube because that could be you and you would never know. People can really suffer from this and some people wont

Jesus GarciaIn the video and after reading the article ''Is Our Culture Of Shaming Out Of Control?''  I believe our culture of shaming has spiraled out of control entering a path that none of us can see.

It has been shown in many ways that shaming someone so horribly will sometimes result in suicide. How did they get to the point where they see death as their only option?

Its scary and heartbreaking to see things like this happen to people. If people find this enjoyable they have completely lost touch with the way the person on the other side is really hurting.

People use shaming as a gold mine and a industry. Using peoples pain for money is sad. You see people go so low because of it.

Even parents start to embarrass their own children on the internet forever carrying a burden on them because of them. I hope to see in the future that Online shaming will finally go down and prevent lives from being lost.

These days social media seems to be taking advantage of their privileges. People think that they have the right to publicly bully someone. It’s easy for people to judge without knowing who the person is. This article shows how bad public shaming can get. One mistake can change your whole entire life!

Monica Lewinsky thought that sleeping with her boss wouldn’t be that bad of an idea, and it wouldn’t turn into a public news, but now, she’s known as all those negative words that any female should not be called. This article relates to Justine Sacco, Lindsey Stone and Walter Palmer because they all did something that they thought wasn’t a bad idea, or was a joke, or maybe something minor, but with the power of social media, it all turned into something bigger than it should have.

Reading this article definitely makes me want to think twice about what I do or say before I actually act upon it. I can honestly say that Monica Lewinsky’s words in the article have made me revisit online shaming. One of the things that just get me in this article is how Ms. Lewinsky truly takes responsibility about what had happen in the past.

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