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Are You Part of Generation Plagiarism?

10/8 Are You Part of ‘Generation Plagiarism’? 

Read: Are You Part of ‘Generation Plagiarism’?  

Question of the Day: Universities are finding that plagiarism has become widespread and that many students seem not to believe that copying content without giving credit is a serious academic integrity violation. Do you think the digital age has caused confusion over acceptable practices, or is the notion of original authorship being redefined?

Tell us what you think about plagiarism. Do you ever “cut and paste without attribution”? Do you consider such copying to be plagiarism and a “serious misdeed,” or not? Are students today confused over, or redefining, the concepts of authorship, integrity and originality? How do you think instructors can and should address this issue?

Jean N'DriPlagiarism is an issue that needs to be taken seriously. Some people don't even know what plagiarism is. Because they don't know what it is, they do not think that it is wrong to copy someone's work and not give them credits. I myself admit that I have plagiarized in the past. I did it because I didn't know what plagiarism was. Now that I know what plagiarism is, I am ashamed of what I did.
According to the article on plagiarism written by Dana Hinders on lovetoknow.com, plagiarism is the act of directly turning in work written by someone else, copying and pasting online sources for a research paper, and failing to properly cite the ideas or thoughts of others. She also stated the reasons why students plagiarize. First, they don't know what plagiarism is. Second, they don't care about the material. Third, they feel pressured to get good grades, regardless of how that happens. Fourth, they don't have time to correctly complete their assignments. Finally, The consequences of plagiarism aren't enough.
I have some ideas to combat plagiarism. I feel like the government should take action into this by funding awareness campaigns to inform students about plagiarism. We should also have laws that punish people that plagiarize strictly. For example, we should ban students from schools when they are caught plagiarizing. We should also make them pay a fee to the person from which they stole the work. By doing this, we will stop plagiarism and it won't be an issue anymore. I want to know what you guys think. Discuss with each other in the comment section. Thank you!

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Amir Simpson
I think people are over doing this concept. Just because you copy a few sentences and forget to credit where they got if from doesn’t me to expel them. It isn't that serious anymore. They gave us technology to use it in school. In fact that’s just guarantied an "A".

Maybe if you teachers start teaching us how to paraphrase we wouldn't plagiarize. But they don't stress the situation enough in schools. And they want to act surprised when a student brings in a faulty paper. So don't blame the students, blame teachers.
Last the computers teacher don't teach you how to cite the website. So how do you expect us to do something we don't have a clue to do. They make sure to teach you how to copy and paste. So we are only doing what are taught to do.

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I would say yes because some times is easy to forget to credit the sources you get the information from but most of the times I do give credits but if I don't give credit once I would have to say yes. Plagiarism is stealing somebody else work without giving someone, credit I'm sure you wouldn't like if someone use your work as theirs without you getting the credit that you deserved. Like people from the article of plagiarism in "NY times" said our generation is living in a technology age where people just search on Google and copy and paste from another website and think their teachers are not going to find that they are copying and pasting.Plagiarism could put you in a lot of problem for examples; you could get kick out of high school, colleges, jobs, lawsuit, and many others things that you copy others work. You can find different students those  who plagiarism those who don't care,  and those who plagiarism without knowing accidentally
Most of the students who plagiarism are lazy enough to do their work because some of them say is too much work to be done. By putting others people work on your paper you are doing something wrong to yourself  because you don't get the chance to understand that topic that you could of learn. Plagiarism doesn't only happen in school, for example some artist have got in trouble for copying others music, movie and many others things that involve copying others work.

To conclude I will recommend you not to plagiarism because you could get in trouble and lost your job, loose the opportunity to be in school , or face a lawsuit. If you do your work without copying you will feel proud of the work because you work for it but when you copying and get a good grade you will not feel proud because you know you don't deserved. I also recommend you not to plagiarize when you are in colleges because you could loose the opportunity to study the career you want it. Remember to always give credit when you copy someone else work because is the right thing to do. By giving credit to someone else you avoid getting in trouble.

Sonjani Foyo

10/8 Are You Part of ‘Generation Plagiarism’?

I think plagiarism is bad, but I don't think it's serious, because everyone copies something from a book or the internet. Even the teachers copy class work and ideas from other teachers on the internet. 
I have copied and pasted some things, I try not to, but it's just easier that way (sadly). I believe we are confused, because no one tells us what to copy, and what not to copy, and we are expected to copy things from the internet or books for assignments. 
I do believe cutting and pasting without attribution is plagiarism, but I don't think it is a serious misdeed, because it is not treated as a serious problem. In this digital age we live in, many people are losing creativity, and individuality, so plagiarizing is easy for them to do and also in the music we listen to and in the media, it does not promote originality but imitation. 
 Instructors should continue to teach the students about plagiarism, continue to show examples of how it is done, show how to cite information and how to give credit where it's due, to ensure that we have a clear understanding. If plagiarism is found in any assignment the students should be told to redo the paper or get an automatic low grade. 

Kevin Vargas
Plagiarism is a very serious thing. It is illegal to copy someone else's work and pass it off as your own. If you copy and paste someone else's work on an assignment you can fail the assignment, get kicked out of school, or even get arrested. If you find your information online you need to list your sources that way you'll be giving the person you got your source from credit and it wont count as plagiarism.

Many people have been kicked out of school for plagiarism also they've been arrested. Plagiarism can get you some time in jail. One way you can prevent plagiarism is by coming up with your own ideas and your own topic. Then, you can do research on it then you can start writing but instead of writing it word for word use your own words. you could say the same thing there trying to say just put it in your own words.

These are the reasons why people shouldn't plagiarize. I'm not saying you shouldn't use other peoples work as a reference but when you start to do your own work don't copy your sources information. And if there is a sentence or two you might want to copy from your source use quotation marks and at the end put a bibliography to your sources credit. Every website where you find your information is important but what's more important is to restate what there saying in your own words.

Plagiarism is not a bad thing if you copy-link from the website work  plus someone work so head on they work and that person just take they work and give it to the teacher well that person will end up getting a big' F' on they paper.

Many people think of plagiarism as copying another's work or borrowing someone else's original ideas. Terms like copying and borrowing can disguise the seriousness of the offense. and steal peoples work and pass it off as they they own work and failing to use quotation marks giving incorrect information about the source of a changing words.

But copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not (see our section on "fair use" rules).

In my opinion plagiarism is not a bad thing. If you copy someone's work. That means its  plagiarism. Another reason if someone works so hard on their work and another person just takes their work and gives it to the teacher that person should get a bad grade or worse. 
Plagiarism is a law. In other words, the risks of plagiarism if you plagiarize another work, you risk your credibility as an author and you are also reputation for originality and honesty . Also, plagiarism is against the law and you are also risking control of your finances should a lawsuit result in judgement against you. Also risked is your freedom should you be convicted of the crime of plagiarism and sentenced to time in jail or prison.

Someone that is creative, open minded and hard working would feel defeated, i mean its their work. I strongly feel that everybody has they own way of thinking different, writing makes you, its a feeling only you know. Its something that you create . BE yourself, BE creative.

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