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To What Piece of Technology Would You Write a ‘Love Letter’?

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Question of the Day: Read: To What Piece of Technology Would You Write a ‘Love Letter’?
By KATHERINE SCHULTEN Download the Audio

Write a three paragraph letter supporting your opinion. Please check grammar, spelling and punctuation.  Post it on your Blog.

Try your hand at writing a similar “love letter” to the piece of technology that means the most to you, whether it’s an iPod you own or a computer, television, camera, or cellphone you covet. Like David Pogue does, address the device directly and describe the details that make it “something special” to you. (You needn’t write about the tech specifics of the device unless you want to; instead, you might concentrate on how this device improves, or could improve, your life.)  

  • You may write a three stanza poem or a three verse song or rap instead

Dear Ps4,

I wanted to tell you this for a long time but I didn't have he words to do so.
Since the first day I saw you, I couldn't take my eyes off of you. You were so beautiful, I felt embarrassed when I looked at you.

I thought to myself  " I don't deserve to look at you". Everything about you is so perfect. 

Your processor is the part of you that I love the most. You make all my games look good on my TV. Because of you I can experience online gaming and have fun. 

You brought joy to my pitiful life and I wish to be with you forever. I will never get tired of you because I love you and will always Love You. 

I hope That you feel the same thing for me too. Even if you don't, just remember that I will always be there to clean you up when you collect dust, I will always use You to play my games, watch Youtube videos, and stream on Twitch.

My love for You will never cease and I want you to remember that.


Dear iPhone,

There aren't that many things I enjoy interacting with but you are truly something special. It was like love at first sight when I got you from the Apple Store. The very first moment I held you in my hands it felt like the world was in my palms.

Besides some family members you have been the only thing there for me, from long stressful nights to some of the best moments in life.

I'd like to thank you thus far for my success in school from searching answers for me and practically saving me from failing. All in all I'm not sure where I'd be without you.

I love you iPhone.

Yours Truly, Mekhi Chester

Dear Tech,
Technology you are always one step away from humans. Its something that we adapted to and we wouldn't live without you. I personally like technology. I have an 6 it is a very smart device and helps in almost everything. 

I support the apple company for the great things they make. They are millions of companies trying to get the best technology for people to buy from new cars to the "swagway" boards. Every year new technology makes our life better. 

For example cameras in our houses, alarms, cars that have cameras and can drive by themselves. The technology its more safe and at the same time the technology its fun. 

Technology you are real cool and helps us every singe day in our lives thank you.                                                                                    

Sincerely, Andy 

Dear Galaxy Smartphone,

I loved you since the first day I felt you in my hand. Every time I use the galaxy, there is always an reminiscent moment when we had good times. 

For over 2 years I always took care the Galaxy and I even dream about you sometimes. Without the smartphone Galaxy, I would have got information the old school way by books, the computer and etc.
Most of the time you allow me to listening to music, I know all the shortcuts and passages of you.  

I love the way you look up information on Google. Galaxy your my best tool to use. Much better than books and notebooks. 

Love, Michael


Dear Samsung phone , 

I am in love with your storage space. Whenever I need space to download an app its is always easy, I never have to go threw the process of deleting pictures and clearing the data of an app to receive space. 

The downloading process is always fast I never have to wait to long to have an app that I want. Even though the camera quality is not always good ; you still have the space for me to take as many pictures as I want to get the picture right. 

And when I don't want the picture anymore, you do not  keep the extra space still as a picture you give me the space back.


Dear Xbox, 

I love you because you allow me to watch Netflix anytime. I also love that I don't have to charge you like a phone or a tablet, I just plug you up and have fun for as long as I want. 

I love that I can play Call of Duty black ops on Xbox live and play death match with my online friends, level up, and upgrade my guns. I love that I can play story mode on GTA 5 on my HD 70 inch plasma flat screen TV with the volume all the way up. 

I also love watching YouTube over WiFi and when I have friends over blast music while we chill. You were the first electronic that I bought on my own a few years ago when I got my first job. I had so many good memories with you and I'm happy you came into my life.

Sincerely, Halimah.

Dear PS4,

I love the way you entertain me. I love your slick edges. I love playing games with you. You are my stress reliever. 

You are the always there when I need you the most. You make my lows high. You are the water to my fire. You are the yin to my yang. You are always on mind. 

Every time I played you, you never gave up on me. You always kept me occupied. You are by far the best piece of technology I ever had. You are my PS4 and for that I love you. <3
                                                                                                                    Love Caudell 

By Sonjani Foyo

Dear IPhone,

I like how lightweight you are, how efficient you are, and how fast you operate. I like how you make it easier for me to backup important information, I don't have a hard time using you, and you charge pretty quickly. 

I like how I find what I am looking for in the app store most of the time, and I like that I don't have to download additional apps for basic things, like the flashlight, calculator etc. I like how durable you are, I drop you all the time, but you don't break or crack. 

I like your different designs as you upgrade and the storage space that expands. I simply just like you better than any other phone.

Love, Sonny Foyo

By Shelder Racine

Dear Ps4,

You the best device I ever had. You are always there 24/7 when I need you.
I like how I play games with you. For example when we play Madden16, NBA2K16 or watch movies on Showbox. Sometimes when we watch Netflix its even better because we get to watch different types of movies.

 The best time we have is summer time cause I play with you all day till I fall asleep. You’re my system and this is why I love 
-Sincerely, Shelder Racine

By Rayjene Lewin on Feb 11, 2016 

Dear IPhone 6s, 

I Love you with all my heart. You help me stay focused and not stress. The best apps are all free. My screen is nice and shiny. I'm on it 24/7 day and night. I can control the brightness so it won’t die. 

I can put up my flash alert on so I know when I get a notification. I Love it so much. Been with apple for 3 years now and more too come. I hate when you fall, it makes me want to cry. I'll love you forever until the end of time. 

I'll Never trade on you until its time to upgrade. But until that day my love will always stay the same. 

Love, Rayjene Lewin

By Lesly Philippe

Dear, LG v10

I love your Stainless steel and superior craftsmanship combine to give me unrivaled      durability for whatever life drops. I love how you’re made with the two screens. 

It’s so beautiful. I love how you fit in my hand just right. I love how you make my videos look and how you make all my games look. One of my favorite parts about you is how your music sounds. 

These are all the reasons why I love you. 

Love: Lesly

By Kenshisha Little

Dear Iphone 6c,

I wanted you from the first time I laid my eyes on you. Your blue raspberry look is why I stop to look at you on my Facebook timeline I knew I had to have you and I still do no matter what happens. 

Can't anyone take that feeling away from me. I love the way you look it just light up the whole room. People say don't like the color but I do plus I always wanted an iPhone now I really want it because you’re my favorite color. 

On my birthday I told everybody that's the day that you will be in my hand and I promise you that you and me will never get broking up. 

Yours truly, Kenshisha Little

By Chika Odunukwe on Feb 11, 2016

You’re loyal

Your faithful

You flash

Ping Ping

All you do is ring

You ask do I love you?

I said no such thing

Don't get mad, I just got you

Some people are already saying I can't live without you

You've been there for me since day one

I can't believe this day has come

You help make me money

Oh, I'm sorry is that funny?

Best friends say you’re a clown

But they know you’re always down

Your high speed is just what I need

Like thank GOD its me!

I don't use you like a tool

I'm not a fool

I bring you everywhere

Like Brandy sang, we would never be departed

I can't wait to update you

Because boy I'm not so sure if you’re faithful

But that's for another time

Don't worry, like DJ Khaled says

I'll make you


By Carlos Mejia

Dear Laptop,

I will love to write this letter to you because troughs the years you been an excellent Friend who was always there for me when I need it. You provide me with the news around the world and kept me informed of what is happening in today's society. 

Compare to others you was always there for me when I needed. When I need help for a school project you always provide me with the correct answer. 

If I have you I don't need to get a new console in order to play a video game because you have it all. I don't know what I would do if something happens to you because you are everything to me and compare to others you don't give me a hard time.

Sincerely, Carlos Mejia

By Zandre Barnaby

Dear Galaxy,

You’re the first thing I see in the morning. Your Beautiful alarm wakes me up. Then I pick you up and stare at you for a good 20 minuets, checking he messages, emails, and news you bring to me on your beautiful 1080 x 1920 pixels display. 

I love the way you bring music to my ears. I love the way you keep me connected to the world by Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I love the way you carry me through the day by playing me music. 
OH! Galaxy I don't know what I would do without you.   

By Zamora Lovell

Dear YouTube,

We have been together for a long long time...

You've stuck by me through all the different phones, computers and tablets I've had.

You save all my likes, favorites and help me keep all my hair tutorials and day’s together.

I hope to take this relationship to the next step and start my own YouTube channel.

I don't know what I would do late I night when I can't sleep if I didn't have you.

I know that this relationship between is already a great one and will continue to be a great one.

Oh YouTube Oh YouTube I Love YOU-TUBE!!!

Love, Zamora

By Kevin Vargas

Dear MacBook,

Ever since I got my first apple computer no other computer could ever take its place.

My computer is life my beautiful Apple MacBook every time I leave the house it's so hard too leave you behind.

When I'm full of darkness your the only light that sparkles inside of me.

When I'm alone your the only thing that glows my perfect computer.

Yours Truly Kevin 

By Ashley Williams 

Dear Phone,

I love you because your always keeping me occupied when there was nothing to do. You are the reason I stay in contact with my friends and family. 

I am addicted to you because I could never go bored with you. You are the first thing I look for when I wake up. You take good pictures. You confuted me when I have no one to talk to. 

I appreciate when you wake me up in the morning so I don't over sleep. Your flash lets me know when someone is trying to get in touch with me. 

Love Ashley    

By Andy Ariel Torres 

Dear tech,

Technology you are always one step away from humans. Its something that we adapted to and we wouldn't live without you. I personally like technology. 

I have an iPhone 6 it is a very smart device and helps in almost everything. I support the apple company for the great things they make. They are millions of companies trying to get the best technology for people to buy from new cars to the "swagway" boards. Every year new technology makes our life better. 

For example cameras in our houses, alarms, cars that have cameras and can drive by themselves. The technology it’s safer and at the same time the technology its fun. Technology you are real cool and help us every singe day in our lives thank you.                                                                                          
Sincerely Andy Torres

By Shawn Smith 

Dear cellphone, 

We've been together for a while now, and what is it, two years now? Yes almost two years have passed since I spied on you on the shelf in the mall and finally I shelled out for the data plan because I knew in my heart that you were the one for me. 

It's been a wild ride with you my sweet love, until I remember that moment when I was running across the street to pick my Chinese food up. I tucked you in the pocket of my hoodie, and as I hopped through the puddle, out you flew, skittering across the cold concrete. 

I thought I'd lost you forever baby. 

I love you so much xoxo.

by Jesus Garcia

Dear Skull Candy Hesh 2 Headphones, 

Thank you for always helping me listen to my music, games, videos, etc. 

You have been an amazing wireless headset making it possible for me to listen or watch everything in peace without someone telling me to turn it down or turn everything off since in certain places its too loud for me to even hear what I’m trying to watch or listen to. 

Thank you for making something’s possible and help block out all that excess noise whenever there's something important I want to look into.


Dear Hp windows 10

I hate the fact that you are missing media center. And your forced updates are not needed! you should have a choice  on whether we want updates or not. 

Why don't you have the key apps ready such as mail or edge? You're supposed to be more advanced than the previous windows.  

I like the fact you're free because I wouldn't want to waste my money on you. Not until you improve.  But there are some features that I like. I love the fact that you brought the start menu back, which gives us easy access to apps and other features. 

Sorry but I'm sticking to windows 7 and 8.

From  Latasia

By Rontavious Donaldson 

Dear PlayStation,

I have always wanted a PlayStation 3 since I was little. And just a few years I finally got one and I couldn't believe that I had got something that I have been wanting for a longtime. At first I only had 3 games but now I have many games. 

I love the way you are still In good shape and condition from when I first got you also I love the way you can block someone from playing my games if I don't want them playing them. And I love when you shut yourself off when I'm not using you. And lastly I like it when I can play anytime I want.

Sincerely, Rontavious

By Ta'Tianna Hudson on Feb 16, 2016 

Dear Phone,

OMGGG! Where do I start I remember when I first got you it was so fun and exciting. Even though sometimes you shut down and stop working its worth it. 

Without you I would be so bored and upset cause you have all my information and my friends on you. I wouldn’t want to be out the loop.  

I just want to let you know that I am grateful for you and all the storage space you have so I can download all the apps I need so I wont be bored. I have a lot of fun with you and I wouldn’t want you to ever go away....

Sincerly , Ta'Tianna 

By Yhap Dillon

Dear IPhone,

What would I do without you? You’re always by my side, literally. You always guide me when I'm lost. You help me with anything I need help on. 

Just hit one button, ask the question and you tell me in no time. I would be lost without you. I even get to access social media on you, like Snapchat  & Instagram. 

You’re the best ever. You always keep me occupied. My mom even gets mad when she sees me on you. That's to show how much I appreciate you. But I think my mom was just jealous. 

I want to say thank you for the love and the appreciation you give. I wouldn't have been me without you! 

x.Dillon Yhap

Dear my first love, I've been in love with you since my first encounter with you. You instantly became an addiction that I am still trying to overcome. 

You’re convenience, your effectiveness, and your entertainment all are things that draws me in and keeps me stuck like glue. Although you keep me company when I’m bored you can also be my biggest distraction, so now I think is the time to let go and move on with my life. 

I know you will understand, you have a billion people checking for you on a daily so I know it will be all good.  I may check in from time to time but for now I am going to say good-bye snapchat.
Sincerely, Zhan'e 

By Carl Solomon,

Dear Galaxy s5

I don't think I have ever told you how I felt the first time we met. You were so neat and your design was so fascinating, I felt like I could look at them for the rest of my life.

I never use to believe in love at first sight, but that day laid my eyes on you, my heart raced and felt like it would burst out of my chest. It was like the home run feeling, that jump over the fence feeling. I was swept off my feet!

And when you make sounds at me I felt like I couldn't breathe. Immediately I fell in love. I knew then what love at first sight felt like; when I laid my eyes on you, I knew then that a connection is made. Like a bond I felt uniting our heart. I have been in love since that day and still am.

Though you're far away and we've gone our separate ways. You will always be my first and greatest love. You will always live in my memory for all eternity.

Love always, Carl

By Immanuel Muldrow 

Dear Samsung Galaxy S6,
I love you so much. At least you don’t freeze like the S4 I had about two months ago. What I like about you phone is that your camera has better angles than my old phone. 

I love how you have all the apps you want like SnapChat, Oovoo, Kik, Instagram, and games like Temple Run 2, and Subway Surfers. Also what I like about you is when you know what the weather will be like and when I get notifications. In fact you have more gigabytes, like 64 gigs while my old Samsung Galaxy S4 has only 32 gigs. 

I love you phone so much and can't wait to take you out when I'm done with school.

Sincerely, Immanuel

By Victor Sanchez

Dear GC Controller,

I thank you for being with me whenever I need you. You have always helped me in every Smash Bros match. Without you I would not be in the position I have in the smash brothers community that I am in today. Without you I would not have done so well in all of these tournaments. 

You have helped me through many difficult challenges and have been able to stay strong as I input so many buttons in so little time to win the match. To that, I thank you for all the times you served me.

Sincerely, Victor

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